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Ragnarok Anouncement


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Over the last few months RoK and :wub: LEN have become quite close, in between the drinking, !@#$%*ing, snuggling and <censored> we thought it would be kind of kinkeh to sign this treaty and to get our alliances' friendship down on cyber-paper. :awesome: Now we didn't know <censored> was illegal and generally frowned upon so here we are, Jailmates.



"A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying...'Damn, that was fun!"

Ragnarok-League of Extraordinary Nations PIAT


We, the undersigned alliances, in recognition of our friendship, common values and interests and in pursuit of our collective security, strength, and prosperity, enter into this agreement in furtherance of those goals. The signatories commit themselves to upholding the obligations they freely undertake by signing this PIAT.


This is a PIAT signed by two sovereign and independent alliances, and nothing contained in this treaty is intended to compromise these two facts. The undersigned alliances, by ratifying this treaty, affirm the mutual sovereignty and independence of the other alliance.

Peace and Non-aggression

By signing this document, the signatory alliances choose to remain in a state of peace with one another. Furthermore, signatory alliances and their respective members choose to not engage in hostile actions, including: Declare war on any member nation of the other alliance, provide aid (military, economic or intelligence) to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other.

Signatory alliances and their respective members also agree to remain civil to each other at all times, both in public and in private.


If either alliance receives information that stipulates a form of danger to the other signatory, the receiving alliance shall notify the other and share such information immediately.

Team Senate

All senators from both signatory alliances agree not to sanction members of the other signatory alliance. However, sanctions may be placed against nations declared rogues by both alliances.


Should the need arise, a signatory alliance may request financial or military assistance of another signatory alliance. Providing a good reason for the request is given, the signatory alliance is expected to fulfill the request, but not obligated to do so.

This article does not apply in a situation where it would violate a higher treaty or a surrender agreement, or a signatory alliance is in an aggressive war against another alliance.


If it is deemed necessary, a signatory may cancel this treaty by first informing the other signatory alliance in private. After which, this treaty will be in effect for 48 hours before this treaty is officially null and void. In the case of a breach of any of the above articles it is acceptable for the treaty to be terminated immediately if a diplomatic agreement is not made.


For Ragnarok,

ChairmanHal, Triumvir

TailsK, Triumvir

rishnokof, Triumvir

Tautology, Military Commander

Mongrel, High Chancellor

Gen Lee, Vice Chancellor

Catronos, Prime Minister

For the League of Extraordinary Nations,

SoX - Consul

Shakyr - Consul

Coloradia - Tribune of Foreign Affairs

Paxanarie - Tribune of Interior

Yamin - Tribune of Trade

Scorcher - Tribune of Trade

Prodigal Moon - Tribune of Education

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