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I feel I should join an alliance.


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So far the recruitment messages I've been getting so far are not convincing. This poses a problem since I believe I should join an alliance. So now I'm asking cn. Should I join one and if so, who?


Obligatory "join my alliance" but if you give us a blurb about yourself we could perhaps give you more detailed advice. What is it that you're looking for in one?

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I don't even know what to look for.


Excellent! there are tons of directionless alliances that don't know what they're looking for either here. You'll fit right in.

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There a lot of alliance's out there a big question is do you want a large alliance, mid size or small. All have there advantages and disadvantages. Another way to look at alliance's is go on irc and chat with different AA's

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Well here is how it generally works:


You join an alliance and they teach you the ropes.  Most have some form of guide and IRC channels to help get you acclimated quickly to how alliance politics works.  The good ones give you a mentor or at least check on your progress.


You grow quickly by doing what are called 6/200 tech deals, where one person sends you 6 million in cash, and then you send 2 rounds of 100 tech to equal 200 tech.  Doing this with 6 people gets you a nice wad of money as a smaller nation.


If you stay active and show an interest in the alliance, you will find yourself getting positions of responsibility as people start to trust you.


Once you rise high enough, you might be able to affect alliance policy or even get involved in foreign affairs.


That's what you offer an alliance....you're a long-term investment for growth.  What you get is that you get to be protected from raiders, a community of people to chill with, and learn to play the game well.



As for what alliance you might like, that depends on if you like an alliance's theme, you see what they offer for start-up aid, who seems the friendliest, etc.



Hope that helps you out.

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If you're willing to attack this nation when his NS is reduced enough for him to be in your range, you will be eligible for Free Startup Aid. (Even before attacking if its understood you will attack when he's in range of you and your requested to do so). You will be eligible for even more aid if you prove yourself a useful fighter.


If you want an alliance with a leader happy to aid new members up and allow our members war training by attacking nations who deserve it, give us some consideration.

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