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No new AAs, no new AAs, no new AAs, no, no new

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Riot Society – Public Charter

We are Riot Society. We eat our vegetables, look both ways before crossing the street, put our pants on one leg at a time
No admission is guaranteed into Riot Society. No application will be accepted without a vouch from a current member in good standing of at least three months, or a government vouch.
el Presidente
Foreign Affairs Lackey
Internal Lackey
Defense Lackey
Alliance Policies:
Tech raiding is allowed.
el Presidente - BringMeTheHorizon
IA Lackey - Mistral
FA Lackey - N/A
D Lackey - N/A
Forums: Riot Society
Protectorate: N/A
Since this will be eventually needed, I'll post the announcement that we are starting a new AA. We're small, we probably don't like you, we don't care. Most anti-climatic announcement of a new AA ever. 
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