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The prophecy begins

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The black sky was filled with small bright stars. His eyes scanned the air mechanically, looking for that one particular point. As he stood there, at the top of the mountain his thoughts went back to that one prophetic dream. It had seemed so real... The rolling of the tanks and the faces of the soldiers were printed in his mind forever. The dream had shown his cruelties she had never seen before. Women and children slaughtered, everything. did. die. It was as if the world had lost its mind. after that, there was nothing....the world was desolate and abandoned by all. There were no more nations, no more rulers and no more alliances... Everything was gone.

While his mind was still pondering over that dream, his eyes fixated on a specific point. One star that was slightly less bright than the others. If the prophecy had not spoken to his, she would never have known what it really was. The small point he focused on was a planet. "Terra" was its name. A still undiscovered planet with abundant resources. The prophecy had spoken to him about it... Hes thoughts went back to the words that were spoken to him.

[i]"When the snowflake falls, the giants will awaken".[/i] What giants did the voice speak of? And what was the snowflake? [i]"From Ashes to ashes, the end is near" [/i]the voice had said. A cold chill went through Partisans spine. The prophecy foretold the end of planet bob.... The apocalypse! What else had the voice said? he tried to return to the dream.

[i]"Flee to the dark side. The order shall set you free". "Prosperity is found in the shadows"[/i] It all didn't make sense! he couldn't help but return to that one point in his dream. It was an image forever craved into his memories. The image of the very mountain he was standing on, crumbling under heavy gun fire. The city beneath him burning and its citizens dying. The end was near..he had to save his people.

[i]"The path continues...Your destiny is not yet fulfilled"[/i] This planet...Terra.... That was his destination. he knew what to do now! But how was he supposed to get to this other world? Suddenly an idea popped into his mind.


Upon entering the strange building he was greeted by an acolyte of the Sith. The acolyte brought him straight to their leader, a large man with a black suit and cape that was wearing a mask. As he walked in, Partisan wondered how ugly the Sith must be to have to wear a mask at all times. he put aside his thoughts and focused on his mission. "Winter is coming", he said. "The apocalypse is accompanying it." The Sith stared at him for minutes until he finally replied: "Peace is a lie. The Sith shall protect your people." Partisan looked at the man with a glance of approval in his eyes.


As they stepped into the spaceship supplied by their new home, Partisan and Ironchef looked at their company: A large group of both Sith and Exodians. Each of them chosen for their loyalty.[i]"It is time to being our journey to the other world."[/i] Ironchef said. "[i]We follow our path.[/i]"

And so the exodus ceased to exist in this world, and began in the next.

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[quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1311728416' post='2764535']
Exodus have been amazing allies, and we're extremely pleased to have them joining us, except for Partisan of course.

NSO will be protecting the AA for 26 days. Raid them, I dare you.

I'm part of the deal :smug:

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[quote name='the damned' timestamp='1311729559' post='2764564']
Cool. Maybe now both of you guys wont suck so much :)

I like this.

Just work on the derp and you're on your way to a perfect score. 8/10

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