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Justice League of Armenia DoE


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In the deepest most darkest realms of Planet Bob there were five. They roamed the planet looking for a purpose in life, but Bob had nothing for them. Each one of them was looking for their calls on Planet Bob but chance brought them together. Liber-D Belle and Hourman got married shortly after meeting while young [s]TamponMan[/s] WonderWoman sat around and absorbed everything that was happening and Spockgirl broke hearts and wreaked boy damage throughout our time. During this time, Howling Robot appeared out of nowhere but was welcome to stay. The five played in the League of Small Superpowers and although they all held much responsibility within the League. All of their super hero friends mocked them for being *SMALL*. They had their calls in life and being small really made (err the other kids?) pick on them and not take them seriously. So, after a short conference call using very big computer screens...the Fantastic Five were united! They decided to seek out a place for themselves on Planet Bob and when they found none that suited them... The Justice League of Armenia was formed!


We bring to you:

[b]The Fantastic Five[/b]

WonderWoman (Irule) - Master of Finance
Spockgirl (Spock) - Master of Defense
Howling Robot (Junior) - Master of Education
Liber-D Belle (DDolla) - Master of Foreign Affairs/Diversity
Hourman (Phoebus) - Master of Internal Affairs

[b]Our Charter:[/b]


[b][u]Section I: Membership[/u][/b]
[list][*]Any nation approved by the Master of Internal Affairs may join the Justice League of Armenia.
[*]All members have the right to vote and run in elections and work in the Justice League once they are an approved member.
[*]All members have the right to free speech and expression of their beliefs and ideas. These rights cannot be taken away from the member.
[*]Any member found may be removed from the Justice League or given a probationary period.[/list]

[b][u]Section II: Government[/u][/b]

The Cabinet is comprised of all five Masters. Together they may vote on all alliance matters, including but not limited to: war declarations, peace agreements, treaty approval, member removal and probation, and the creation of laws.

The Masters are the leaders of their departments. They together run the day to day affairs of the alliance. Each Master may appoint a deputy to assist them. Masters serve until they either step down or are impeached. Upon removal of a Master, an election will be held to determine the replacement.
[list][*]The Master of Internal Affairs is in charge of all internal affairs of the Justice League. This Master maintains the state of the alliance, which includes but is not limited to: recruitment of new members, forum activity, and member entry.
[*]The Master of Diversity (Foreign Affairs) is in charge of inter-alliance relationships of the Justice League. This Master creates new treaties, builds foreign relations, manages diplomats, and creates and maintains embassies.
[*]The Master of Defense is in charge of all military actions taken by the Justice League. This Master organizes anti-rogue defense, creates and maintains the military to defend the membership, and orders attacks in times of war.
[*]The Master of Finance is in charge of all financial affairs of the alliance. This Master organizes tech deals and trades and manages and creates aid programs.
[*]The Master of Education is in charge of educating new members. This Master creates and maintains guides, directs member growth, and creates programs to maintain education.[/list]

[b][u]Section III: Impeachment[/u][/b]

Any member may be impeached by a majority cabinet vote.

Any Master may be impeached by first a 3/5 minister vote then a 3/5 membership vote.

[b][u]Section V: Amendments[/u][/b]

This charter may be amended by first a 3/5 Master vote then a 3/5 membership vote.[/quote]

[b]Our gracious hosts agreed to protect us. Wow, we are really good to them.... :D[/b]

[b][u]The SuperThundercats Accord[/u][/b]

The League of Small Super Powers (herein known as LoSS) and the Justice League of Aremenia (herein known as JLA) enter into this agreement as a recognition of friendship and acknowledgment of one another's awesome superpowers as well as the love of super-tight spandex suits.

[b]Article I - Obligations of the Protectorate[/b]
LoSS hereby agrees to guarantee JLA protection from any and all attacks made upon it by villains.

[b]Article II - Obligations of the Protected[/b]
JLA will not enter into aggressive wars during this period of protection by LoSS, and in the event aggressive wars are launched and not immediately resolved within a 48 hour period, this treaty will be canceled at the discretion of LoSS.

[b]Article III - Protected Period[/b]
LoSS and JLA enter into this treaty with a protection status in an indefinite time period, at any point within this period of protection, the two signatories can choose to discuss upgrade of the agreement.

[b]Article IV - Termination[/b]
If any of the two alliances realize that their superhero suits don't match anymore, they will break up after giving the other signatory a 72 hour warning.

[b]Signed for LoSS:[/b]

Co God Ben - Trium
Legion-x - Trium
Amossio - Trium

Andyt2k - MoFA
Mad Mike - MoF

Dictator General - Senate Praetor
Nhoj - Senator
BMK - Senator
Chacellor Patrick - Senator
Destroyer98 - Senator

[b]Signed for JLA[/b]

Liber-D Belle (DDolla) - MoFA
Hourman (Phoebua) - MoIA
Howling Robot (Junior) - MoEdu
Spockgirl (Spock) - MoD
WonderWoman (Irule) - MoF

With this I end our DoE! I know I know, not another micro but we'll see how it goes! We're in it for fun. Please visit us on IRC @ #jla and stop by our forums: [url]http://www.justiceleaguearmenia.com[/url]

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[quote name='rtellez06' timestamp='1309833542' post='2748999']
Wait so you 5 ragequit loss and started a new alliance? I knew about this when Dua and Phoeb got elected to trium. Lolol
You seem to lack comprehension of the rage part. They left; you ragequit.

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[quote name='Joey67500' timestamp='1309831511' post='2748975']
Congrads, although now there's [s]two[/s] [b]three[/b] Justice Leagues and I think the other one uses JLA (Justice League Alliance) too.

There's Justice League, The Justice League, and Justice League Armenia :wacko:

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[quote name='Morphine Mate' timestamp='1309831500' post='2748973']
Wonderful for you. Now that a good portion of the LoSS gov has left I look forward to watching it crash and burn.
You might want to look at that AA of yours. -_-

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[quote name='andyt2k' timestamp='1309835819' post='2749048']
Yes they rage quit out of the blue, we barely had time to you know, arrange a protectorate for them and help them set up forums and chat in their IRC channel and everything else that has gone on,

That's how noobs ragequit. <_<

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