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An Announcement from The Foreign Division

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Greetings Planet Bob! You are just going to sit there and listen to what I have to say.. :D

[center][i][b]and now, an announcement from ...[/b][/i]


[u][b]Election Results and New Titles[/b][/u]

For the last three years, [b]The Foreign Division[/b] has run on a Senate/Minister/Magistrate system where the popularly elected Senate held the legislative power, the Senate appointed Ministers to hold the executive power, and the Magistrates held the judicial power.  Although this worked well for a while, in recent times, the division of power between the legislative Senate and the executive Ministers caused confusion over whose job it was to do what.  

TFD decided to change to a new system where the executive and legislative powers were combined in five elected officials, called Pentarchs.  The hope was that by doing this, the executive split between the Senate and the Ministers would be eliminated.  

Three of the Penarchs represent the three important areas of the alliance:  Diplomacy, Prosperity, Security; and two are at large government officials who oversee of the areas that are outside of or overlap these three such as our directorate system.  The specific changes to our charter can be found by clicking [url=http://foreigndivision.net/index.php?topic=9449.0]here[/url].

Our newly elected government;

[b]Diplomacy:[/b] [i]SupremePrince[/i]
[b]Prosperity:[/b] [i]Duncan King[/i]
[b]Security:[/b] [i]The Iggy[/i]
[b]Pentarch:[/b] [i]Dr. Gamer[/i]
[b]Pentarch:[/b] [i]Sir Dunne[/i]

[b]Magistrates:[/b] [i]Firebolt, Tamurin, & The Parasite[/i]

We look forward to seeing where this reform and line-up lead us.

Edited by SupremePrince
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[quote name='Kajdav' timestamp='1307394176' post='2725599']
Heh, the governmental structures of the NADC and TFD grow ever more similar... :P

Congrats on the new gov!

No they don't, don't get any ideas :P

Good luck people, stay strong :)

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[quote name='bedeur' timestamp='1307394101' post='2725597']
The new gov setup looks promising guys :)
Congrats to the elected Pentarchs o/ And seeing Iggy's name next to security instead of prosperity is quite a big change ;)

Iggy, he makes you strong!
I was the acting Minister of Security last month. Talk about scary! Iggy's a good administrator, he'll do well.

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