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A bulletin was issued to the world.

This is the end. Effective immediately all troops of the former United Kingdom of Idaho-Montana have sworn allegiance to Angelika Chadwick-von Hapsburg. all peoples and territories and assets of the former United Kingdom are to be in her full authority, and by extension that of the Austrian Duchy.

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All United States flags were put at half staff.
In times like this Freedom is questioned but the future can be bright if we make it bright. A King can be could just like a Republican can be bad.
Long Live The King.
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The Athenian Federation recognizes Angelika von Hapsburg as the sovereign of the United Kingdom of Idaho and Montana.



All forces that were on alert for the Australian conflict were ordered to head towards the coast of the UKIM, the First and Fourth Armies were placed on alert to quickly act if there was any reason to activate one of the many treaties that could be triggered.

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The Holy American Empire recognizes this title passing and affirms its' treaties with the UKIM will carry over in full to the new Austrian government. We also hereby pledge to defend the crown of the Hapsburg Dynasty while it gets settled with its' new possessions.

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Great Britain extends recognition to the transfer of Sovereignty, however must assert that if conflict arrises we place ourselves in a neutral position due to possible conflict of interests through Zurich and other treaties held by Great Britain.

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[quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1300922319' post='2674077']
"We must refer Great Britain to the supremacy clause."

In response to the Athenian reminder, a change in our statement is as follows:

Great Britain extends recognition to the transfer of Sovereignty, however must assert that if conflict surfaces, we must reluctantly honour our obligations to the Zurich Alliance in defence of Austria.

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Angelika closed the door of Franklyn's bedroom behind her and let out a long sigh. His condition had only continued to get worse over the months since the ball in Pravus Inguro. Many of the doctors in the United Kingdom had thought that perhaps he had been affected by the strain of zombie diseases that may still be moving through the countryside, but Angelika had convinced herself otherwise. She would have been ill as well and she felt fine, even stronger perhaps over the past few days since the signing of the treaty with the Vancouver Coalition. The Kingdom was in a strange state of mind, the recent expansions of Franklyn the First had been beaten back by a coalition of Red Dawn countries, but after Red Dawn had collapsed and the populace felt as though they had been betrayed by their allies and their neighbors, people were worried where the future of the nation lay.

"Your Highness?" The Chamberlain, Jess Aristodes, rounded the corner of the upper hallways the moment Angelika appeared from the room. "I apologize for bothering you at this hour, but Parliament has issued a rather important bulletin that requires your immediate attention."

"What is it?"

"They've sworn allegiance to you and the Duchy." He said with smile.

Angelika's face went pale with surprise, fright, joy, and confusion. "What? I don't understand, what is their meaning for this?"

"As Minister Plenipotentiary and having represented the Kingdom in the last negotiations between the enemy coalition and our forces, along with the King being in a state of illness leaving him incapable of ruling. The Prime Minister and the rest of Parliament has thought it best to place State power into your hands and as the bulletin states, under your sister's protection as well."

"Oh, Maria is going to have a heart-attack when she hears this. I nearly did myself." She stepped away from the Chamberlain towards the western window looking out over the city of Boise below her. The Princess tapped her fingers on the marble windowsill, her mind completely numb from the news and the massive responsibility that had been immediately placed onto her shoulders. At the same time, there was room for change, Angelika found herself finally living up to the expectations that her parents and her grandparents had given her. She was no longer the problem child, she was leader of a nation, the representative of Austria across the world. The beginning of a great empire for both herself, her sister, and her family, and her country.

Needless to say however, when the news reached Vienna, before the champagne was popped, Maria made plans to visit the Austrian territory herself in the coming days.

In addition, a response was issued from the combined governments of Vienna and Boise.


[i]Nations of the World, Citizens of Austria and of the United Kingdom of Idaho-Montana:

The inability for King Franklyn of Chadwick to rule his subjects of the American Northwest is truly a blow to the stability of North America and to the rest of the world. While towards the end of his reign, the Kingdom was involved in a rather unfortunate string of events with the People's Republic of Vancouver, nevertheless, Franklyn led his people with care and consideration. Austria's ties to the United Kingdom, through Princess Angelika von Hapsburg places Franklyn within my extended family and thus I welcome him and his people into the greater Austrian family as per the bulletin issued by his people. The times ahead may be dark, they may be chaotic, but I pledge as your new ruler and my sister pledges as my representative in Boise to rule with the utmost respect to past tradition and culture. Austrian successes will become the successes of the Kingdom and the triumphs of the Kingdom will be Austrian triumphs as well.

To the North American continent, our presence here I assure you is peaceful and where the United Kingdom has once been an aggressive and mistrusting nation, Austria will do what she can to repair those relationships and make our continent peaceful for the future. Both I and my sister look forward in working with the North American community as well as those who have supported this transition of government as to secure a stable continent and a peaceful world.

In peace and prosperity,

Empress Maria Magdalena von Hapsburg of the Austrian Empire
Grand Duchess Maria Angelika von Hapsburg of the Kingdom of Idaho-Montana[/i]

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[b]Dispatch from the United Federation of the East[/b]

The United Federation of the East shall pay for the remaining reparations of the UKIM with this passing of government. The UFE extends recognition of the Austrian Empire.

-Signed Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East

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Maria would find a letter waiting for her on her desk bearing the seal of the Western Emperor

[quote]Dear Maria,

While we have already formally recognized your new status I send you this letter to personally congratulate you. You deserve the Empire you are building and your old friends will be there at every step of the way. Consider this my personal guarantee that we officially consider all ties with the Duchy to carry over and we look forward to a great future.

Yours sincerely,

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*** Private ***

The President's eyes widened as he saw the Europeans gaining control of a sizable chunk of North America, knowing it would lead to the downfall of his own beloved nation if he attempted to stop it.

These same Europeans that fought to rid Europe of American colonialism not so very long ago, he wondered if they knew the meaning of double standards or hypocrisy even though the land was granted to them in such an unimaginable fashion.

Maine was set to DEFCON 3, but not publicly.

Operational Officers were being prepared for insertion into former UKIM should it be deemed necessary.

There would be no noticeable military movements to anyone watching from the skies, arial patrols would continue normally as would military drills and training.

Radar stations were placed on heightened alert all across Maine.

All assets in Great Britain would begin a slow withdrawal back to Maine under the guise of a change of personnel, leaving only administrative workers and a small force of guards while all submarines would be running silent and all surface combatants at full readiness.

Maine was ready. There were however numerous factors to take into account. War would most likely devastate Maine, even if it was a war of standing up for what you believe in. Whether or not the risks out weighed the benefits would be discussed thoroughly over the following weeks and months.

Time would tell if the Austrians intentions were true to their word. Time would tell if action was really necessary at all.

*** Public ***

"Relations with the United Kingdom of Idaho and Montana were strained at best, we shall be watching this with our eyes wide open. We hope the Austrians are true to their word and that they can improve on the rulership of the area in question. We welcome them to North America on the condition they are true to their words of stability and peace."

*** Private to the Empress and Duchess ***

With your recent taking control of the former UKIM, I would very much like us to meet as we have much to discuss. The meeting can be held in Belfast or a venue of your choosing.

Kindest regards,

President Simon Pegg
The Democratic People's Republic of Maine

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"The Union of Arctica questions this change of power, and expresses doubt that the people of Idaho-Montana seek to be ruled by a foreign power. It is sad to see the fate of a people and a nation decided by the personal connections of their monarch rather than by democratic process. This is cronyism at its worst.

Therefore, the Union does not recognize this change of power as legitimate and will consider the lands of Idaho-Montana to be a colony of Austria, until such time that through free and fair elections the people of the former UKIM decide otherwise." - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The United Kingdom urges Austria to hand over the former North American Kingdom's lands to a stable North American power such as the Empire of Pravus Inguro. A massive war was fought in the not too distant past over North American colonialism of Europe. Let not a European nation make the same mistakes of the North Americans. Hand over the land to a North American power, North America is no place for European colonization.

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As expected, Germanic Union supports and recognizes Austria's actions. And they have in fact send out one Tank Division and three Infantry Divisions sailing westwards, for those who are able to detect those things. However, they could be simply going to Iceland, Niflheim, even England or South Africa at this point...

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Scotland urges Austria to listen to the words of her brothers in the United Kingdom; the seat of power in Austria is in Europe, not North America. Given the rise in Europe-first policies, hostility towards non-Europeans in Europe, and the non-democratic nature of this turnover, we urge you to hand over this land to a stable North American power or at least hold a democratic referendum. Austria is a small nation with extremely limited technological capabilities, little serious infrastructure development, and an almost pathetically minute army - this is evident in the homeland alone. Taking over land half a world away will simply spread your already-small resources paper-thin and lead to detrimental effects to the nation not only that you are taking over but the one you call home.

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