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  1. Fizzydog

    CNRP Ascending GM Thread

    Oh boy, a new exclusive secret club! I'd apply for an interview, since nothing sounds better than being judged by a group of manchildren unable to compromise, but I'm not sure if I can post a DoE in time for this RP to founder and the next CNRP to come about.
  2. Fizzydog

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    Seeing as how good RP and prior planning is worth nothing in the face of technobabble and mega-weapons, yeah, why not? At least wars wouldn't be "who complains the longest".
  3. Fizzydog

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    If someone does something I don't like, I can throw a temper tantrum and refuse to recognize them? Wouldn't it just be easier to give everyone their own CNRP since no one seems at all willing to cooperate with each other? I mean, if we can just ignore someone else's roleplay, what is the point of roleplaying at all?
  4. Fizzydog

    Returning to the Old Ways

    There's something not too fun about RPing in a small square of Saharan desert because three super empires all allied to each othercontrol all the culturally interesting land and will destroy anyone who sneezes near them. A more equal RP allows for smarter play, not just "Stop doing that or I'll bomb you." A more equal RP can give us better situations to navigate besides coalition vs rogue nation or superfleet vs row boats. Its boring. CNRP is so ridiculously boring and just entirely unappealing to anyone who hasn't squatted on a plot of land for six years.
  5. Fizzydog

    Returning to the Old Ways

    Jesus, this community is toxic. Can't any of you leave your pride at the door and just roleplay?
  6. Fizzydog

    CNRP2 OOC Thread

    Does anyone have a spot for a homeless Fizzy? I won't bite.
  7. Fizzydog

    Massachusetts. Italy. In Boston.

    An invitation to establish relations with a fledging American republic surprised the Italian regime. After repeated Italian insults against democracy, few expected the Americans to ever attempt any cordial relations with Italy. Of course, The Count would surely not pass an opportunity to make friends. Mussolini nor the Count could not show due to crisis in Africa, but an Italian diplomat, Alfonso Boccelli would make the trip.
  8. Fizzydog

    Formation of a Republic

    The Count of Italy congratulates this new American nation on their independence, but asks them to ponder that if it failed the American people before, why experiment with democracy again?
  9. Fizzydog

    CNRP'40 OOC Thread

    Hate posting twice in a row, but @Mogar we need you to post in the Tunisia conference thread, you're the only one who needs a response.
  10. Fizzydog

    CNRP'40 OOC Thread

    Done! And hey, thanks for the support TBM!
  11. Fizzydog

    Tunisia conference

    We will hold our answer until the French and Spanish speak.
  12. Fizzydog

    Tunisia conference

    Are we to simply accept these astonishingly hypocritical and aggressive from the English barbarians? We have seen Britain expand unabashed in the Africas and Americas, and here they attempt to further monopolize the world in their favor. We call for an appeal to reason; the international order cannot be upset by such brash and unreasonable actions.
  13. Fizzydog

    Italian Military Arrangements

    [CLASSIFIED] All military units have been put on high alert. Blackouts have been enforced across the nation, and air traffic has been halted. The Italian air force would be tasked with locating the bulk of Britain's fleet and reporting the location to the navy. Meanwhile, all submarine groups have been deployed; all would tail any British ships or convoys they encountered. An emergency meeting held in Rome concluded that if France joins the British, the entire north of the country would be lost. Two hundred thousand Italian troops would be transferred to Sicily, while soldiers already stationed North due to the crisis with France would be told to consolidate their defenses. Task Force Red Sea would be informed to make a "mad dash" for the safety of the Suez canal. Egypt would be notified Italian ships would be asking to cross the canal soon. Colonial troops in North Africa dug into the perimeter of Tripoli.
  14. Fizzydog

    Tunisia conference

    British attempts to escalate the situation towards war, as your warmongering Empire has done before, will be rejected by Italy. It is not only ridiculous, but impossible to ask Italy to remove itself from Tripoli. We will, in the interests of peace, remove our claim on Tunisia and allow French occupation of the area, under the agreement of a 30km demilitarized zone between our colonies. Diplomacy can work, gentlemen. Lets try it.
  15. Fizzydog

    Tunisia conference

    Mussolini slammed his frail fist on the table. "This pointless standoff must end! Italy cannot afford another lapse of government near its unstable colonial headquarters! We must secure a safe zone around Tripoli."