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  1. im spamtafical thanx :D

  2. Haha well glad to see someone remembers me. :P I just hope i'm around long enough to be able to put my designs to good use.

  3. Yeah, I remember you :P

  4. Yes i am indeed the one who does the vehicle designs :P

  5. I'm great, how're you? =D

  6. Hey Shidner! Youre the one who drew the vehicle designs, right?

  7. Hey fizzy! Don't know if you remember me, its been a couple years since i've actively been on here. How's it going?

  8. an how might you be?

  9. Interesting picture there, Mr. Fizzydog. I actually have that on a camp shirt.

  10. This is so true. There are so many instances when people are charged on a whim, and when there isn't any evidence everyone gets angry because the media squeezed the story dry.
  11. Double post, my bad! D:

  12. Double post, my bad! D:

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