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  1. Anyone for some GTA 5 on the ps3?

  2. Bloody hate job hunting.

  3. Got all hyped for hot chocolate. Then discovered we have no chocolate powder. :(

  4. Anyone play space Engineers?

  5. All these londoners whining about snow and cold. You know nothing.

  6. See now thats impressive. Flying around the damn stadium on a massive shooting star with fireworks and lasers n pyrotechnics n !@#$. That is cool. Not trying to twerk with Miss Elliot, whom Im not gonna lie, I thought was dead.

  7. All I can imagine is Steve from American Dad singing the American anthem as this woman sings...

  8. Excellent chill last night with Billy Reid

  9. Wow. B Reid n that fraping the $%&@ outta me.

  10. Queen on loud as $%&@, sat in bed on assassins creed black flag being a badass pirate mothertrucker with a cuppa tea with ambitions for cider and rum. Todays gonna be a damn good day.

  11. Don't care what y'all say but I've got the best mum in the world.

  12. Great day for an interview...

  13. Bloody legs throbbin after all that walkin today. Hope it was worth it :)

  14. I've got some awesome friends.

  15. All is not lost! I found crumpets!

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