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  1. Yeah, I remember you :P

  2. I'm great, how're you? =D

  3. Hey Shidner! Youre the one who drew the vehicle designs, right?

  4. This is so true. There are so many instances when people are charged on a whim, and when there isn't any evidence everyone gets angry because the media squeezed the story dry.
  5. Double post, my bad! D:

  6. Double post, my bad! D:

  7. Hey, I remember you!

  8. Hey, I remember you!

  9. You dirty dirty weasle, nuking Kankou. xD

  10. Hello coldie, how is it going?

  11. I was sifting through maps of other nations for some reason, and came upon this near Fachi: If it is zoomed in on, I think it says "Fachi". I don't know or very much care what it is or why its there. I just think its interesting.
  12. Wait wait wait, I remember you froms some thread. Err, can't remember which one.

  13. I need to speak to you about a special land mass. Clear your inbox or send me a message. :V

  14. Its not OoC bias. It is purely IC. I couldn't care less about what happens to crappy Labrador. I gave it up. It's just when someone nukes a 22 million person city, it's a very interesting dilemma that must be responded to.

  15. Clear your inbox. >:/

  16. u dun guf'd n got dun band

  17. Jordo has a new photo thingy!

  18. ur in mah profiles, creepin around.

    Btw, recheck your thread. You have to post in a certain format. One of the mods directed you towards the format.

  19. i see you in mah profile, creeping around.

  20. So I click on your profile, alright? And then I see you looking at your profile and I'm like "what a coincidence." Yep.

  21. om nom nom

    u liek mah topic?

  22. i see u lookin at mah profiles

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