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  1. I'm not good enough with my words to do justice to my thoughts right now. We'll miss you moooooooooo.
  2. [quote name='Buds The Man' timestamp='1325195722' post='2888736'] Sweet ill see you at 1 min after update then. Congrats Oly and well done. [/quote] New years present?
  3. [quote name='Canadian Mind' timestamp='1324977646' post='2887164'] Speaking of being in the pipes for ages... This treaty has been active for almost a month (since before the war) we just never got around to announcing it till now. [/quote] Should of activated it, your infa to tech ratios need sorting.
  4. It's good to see you guys somewhat active again, even if this has been in the pipes for ages.
  5. Was it really that hard to say they surrender with no entry?
  6. [quote name='memoryproblems' timestamp='1323767177' post='2876386'] I'd support something like an amount of tech reps payable only by nations with more then 3k tech, a clause that either makes a certain individual of GOD keep a demeaning phrase in his nation bio forever (or a life-time ban for them to be in government) and the forced cancellation of all of GOD's treaties. Edit: oh, and [OOC]make Xiphosis write an alternate ending to Harry Potter where Voldemort wins.[/OOC] [/quote] It's all to give them a fresh start though, right? Voldermort winning is such a better ending.
  7. Why must you keep letting Keshav into gov.
  8. [quote name='Farrin Xies' timestamp='1323494340' post='2871868'] I'm sorry aboooe, all I could hear was "mumble, mumble, mumble." [/quote] Don't you mean derp? Join this haiku game, I can. Fail horribly I shall.
  9. Land, tech and casualties are the only real food for Gremlins.
  10. This announcement makes me feel all giddy inside.
  11. Dammit Scorp. D: This'll be twice now in the last week. o/ TIO glad you're with us.
  12. [quote name='Garion' timestamp='1323475723' post='2871402'] Consider Simms our present for you guys xD [/quote] You included the receipt right? You know if he's just not our colour.. Also hailing this and stuff.
  13. [quote name='Stefano Palmieri' timestamp='1323474989' post='2871387'] Can someone make a bingo version of this or something seeing how MHA's now in. [/quote] Xoins having problems with the forums. [img] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4237780/olympus/bingo.png [/img]
  14. [quote name='Facade' timestamp='1323279288' post='2867400'] How come they get to have all the fun? I feel so unloved. [/quote] being in peacemode doesn't help Staggy.
  15. Dear GO, next round can I have nations with more than half a bill on hand and WRCs. Pwetty Please?
  16. [quote name='goldielax25' timestamp='1323268638' post='2867296'] We all know how this will end, Sparta will get countered, Fark and Polar will be shells of themselves post-war, and BAPS and Olympus will merge to form Mo Fatta. [/quote] Would be such an epic alliance.
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