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Names and Nations (New version)

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Alaskan Union - Ryan Milley

Athenian Federation - Centurius

Arctica- Vedran

Articuno Islands- Sir Keshav IV

Australia- Subtleknifewielder

Blue Heaven- Kitex

Bohovia- ottawa1234

Carthage -- Acca Dacca

Coruscanta - Markus Wilding

Cyneriice Northan - Cybil de Blanc

Denmark- Franz Ferdinand

Diberia - JerreyRough

Disparu- Pikachurin

Empire of Golekh- freakwars

Empire of France - Sarah Tintagyl

German Democratic Republic- Lynneth

Grassy Plains 'n Such - Lord Zephyr

Great Lakes Provinces - HHAYD

Holy American Empire - Shadowsage

Imperium of Canada - Zoot Zoot

Imperial Hudson Reich - Jordosaur94

J Andres- JEDCJT

Kriegland- Sgt. Shidner

Kingdom of Cochin: king of cochin

Kingdom of Niciae- Prime minister Johns

Louisiana - Yawoo

Marscurian Pakistan- KaiserMelech Mikhail

Madurastan- Curristan

Minilla Island - Minilla Island

Nation of Nod (NoN) - Executive Minister

New South Wales- Silhouette

New Palma Republic - Owned-You

Norway-Sweden- Il Terra di Agea

Novak- Voodoo Nova

People's Republic of South Eastern China - Cardnals100

Rebel Army- Lavo_2

Republic of York - Pravus Ingruo

Republic of Euzkadi- Cataduanes

Republic of Finland- Uberstein

Scotland - King Penchuk

Selenarctos - IKrolm

Serg92- Kingdom of Serca

Slavic Federation- Drakedeath & Malatose

Shinsei Shikkoku Teikoku - Elrich von Richt

Spain- Ezequiel

Taeunas - DeSchaine

Tahoe- Sargun

The Hakaarian Empire - Likish

The Isara Alliance--Kaede Alexeivich

The Slavorussian Empire- Justinian the Mighty

The Wilson Empire - James Wilson

Tiministan - King Timmy

Transvaal- Botha

United Mechodamian States - SpacingOutMan

United Isocoles - Fizzydog

United States of America- Maelstrom Vortex & KingChris

Vauleyo Buryatia - Imperator Azenquor

Valenica- Maicke

Vestfjara- VinceSixx

Vietnam- Mergerberger II

Wilson's Promontory- Stefano Palmieri

Zargathia - Amyante

All names and nations copied over from the first thread if anything is wrong or needs changing please post here so I can change it.

[b]Updated as of 16:12 GMT 01/07/2010[/b]

Edited by Kevin Kingswell
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Buryatia - Imperator Azenquor --> Vauleyo Buryatia - Imperator Azenquor
Australian Queendom - Subtleknifewielder --> Australia- Subtleknifewielder
Great Lakes State- HHAYD --> Great Lakes Provinces - HHAYD
Holy American Empire- Shadowsage and Centurius --> Holy American Empire - Shadowsage
Nos Tre Republic - Fizzydog --> United Isoceles - Fizzydog
Sarnungian Republic- Sargun --> Carthage -- Acca Dacca & Sargun
Temple Lands- Lord Zephyr --> Grassy Plains 'n Such - Lord Zephyr

Annihilation - MadameUnicorn
Diberia - JerreyRough
Dranagg- Tahsir Re
Molakia- Comrade
Palintine- Hawk_11
Troina- Kitex
Vatican City- KingChris
Viniland- V the king
Yuktobania- Razgriz 2K9

Edited by iKrolm
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The following need to be removed

Acca Dacca- Acca Dacca
Bailiwick of Conti - Council of Ten
Belarus- comrade nikonov
Federation of Baskan- Baskan
Franciscan Republic- Gunther
Italica- Arathog
Japan- Biohazard
Kyivan Rus'-Sitethief
Kyraylia - Shamshir
Mikuraza Empire- Lutai
Monbossa- Karnee
New England- JEDCJT
Old Dominion- graniteknight
Republic of Magadanskaya - AmpaSand
Republic of Nedland - Ned the Great.
The Rhinemark-Cody Seb
Zingara- Gnost Dural


The following need changed

Carthage -- Acca Dacca & Sargun--->Sargun can be removed
Caucasia-Drakedeath--->Slavic Federation- Drakedeath & Malatose
Curristan- Curristan--->Madurastan- Curristan
J Andres - J Andres--->J Andres- JEDCJT
Lubeck- Franz Ferdinand-->Denmark- Franz Ferdinand
Norway- Il Terra di Agea-->Norway-Sweden- Il Terra di Agea
Peoples Republic of China- Sir Keshav IV--->Articuno Islands- Sir Keshav IV
Revolutionary Synodic Syndicate of the Netherlands- Mergerberger II---> Vietnam- Mergerberger II
San Marino- Stefano Palmieri--->Wilson's Promontory- Stefano Palmieri
Taiwan - Ezequiel--->Spain- Ezequiel
The Commonwealth of Texas- KingChris--->United States of America- Maelstrom Vortex & KingChris

Need changed.
Cyneriice Northan - Cybil de Blanc
Kingdom of Niciae- Prime minister Johns
Serg92- Kingdom of Serca

need to have slashes put through them for now, but can be left on for the time being I think...

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