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  1. Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary since I started playing CN as Botha - on December 26, 2006. Been almost 6 years now since I left CNRP. Incredible how time flies. Anyways I thought with that milestone anniversary on mind, I'd stop by and say "Hello! S'up?" to any of the folks I would have known back in the day. ~ Botha
  2. Botha

    Cybernations Cup

    Master Holton... you still playing X11? If so, now's your window to get onboard with Liga Mundo. You seem to have disappeared however... :/
  3. Botha

    Cybernations Cup

    Since I resigned from Nordreich earlier today, at the end of the current season I plan on renaming the Nordreich Liga in X11 to something more CN-neutral. Probably CN National Soccer League or some variant of that.
  4. Botha

    Cybernations Cup

    Master Holton... I just noticed your team application in the wait queue. As soon as I can approve your team, I will - but it'll be a bit of a wait. Our season ends November 21 and I believe the soonest I can approve the team is November 6-8 range when our transfer market closes. Anyways welcome aboard, glad to have you join us.
  5. Botha

    Cybernations Cup

      Yup, we've had a CN league (Liga Mundo - http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Liga_Mundo) on X11 going for almost 8 years now. If you cannot get your league up and running, you are welcome to join us when our current season ends in late November.   Unless you pay VIP for more teams, yes you are limited to 1 official and I think 3 private teams but you can lose private teams if you're activity standing/rating drops.
  6.   Considering how many people we've lost because of him, can't speak for the others (but I know I'm not alone) but I'd rather see us take our chances without him.   I'm going to say this as I had an inkling firsthand although not associated with today's coup. A coup or rogue action against Pulisher was bound to happen sooner or later - as one internal/external group approached me around half a year ago to participate in some sort of action against him in some capacity (I turned them down, due to my general lack of involvement in the game. I also thought our chances wouldn't succeed).   Thankfully the right person stepped up today so things should transition smoothly.
  7. I'm going to suggest The Night of the Wooden Shoes - when Nemhasuer put on his Dutch clogs and gave him the proverbial boot in the ass and out the door.
  8. I still lurk the CNRP forums a few times per year but I've really withdrawn from the game for the most part. All I do now is collect taxes couple times a week, have the occasional spat with Pulisher when he doesn't like how I'm running my (= not his) nation, and participate in NoR's wars when they flare up.
  9. I don't think anyone (myself included) will deny he was an incredible economist - but on the flip side, he was also a dick in how he did that job and his control mania bordered on the psychotic. Puli used to put the Stalin in Nordreich. I had a few verbal run in with him, and like I said he almost made me quit the game - and at the least certainly decreased my interest and time spent playing it.   I wish this coup took place sooner - a lot sooner - but I'm glad that it finally took place.   Hail Nordreich! Hail Nemhauser!
  10. This has my support. I almost left CN because of this individual and. Hail our new Kaiser!
  11.   <OOC> Just for the record, there was never "apartheid" nor segregation in the old Transvaal state. Granted there were serious and severe racial issues, but the only restrictions were in regards to voting in national elections. Day-to-day life wasn't regulated. </OOC>
  12. Botha

    Rhodesian National Constitution Committee

    The new flag looks inspired by the old Republic of Transvaal flag :)
  13. Botha

    A Tale of Two Peoples

    OOC: enjoying reading this
  14. Botha

    CN Wiki Pages

    Okay I think I solved the problem. Turns out loadus.exelator.com is some sort of annoying adware script - anyways I was able to block it and the problem went away (as well as the rest of the advert pop-ups on the CN wiki)