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365 days later...


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Before people cry "attention whore," let me just say that I do not contest that claim, so you can cry away. :v: Yeah, I've been around for a whole year now. Damn. I got dragged into this game by some college friends to be gov in a small alliance called Meritokrati, an Invicta splinter. Being new, I had no idea what the hell I was doing really (my nation was so pathetic negativeman.png) and chilled till April, when we merged back into Invicta. Didn't take long before the Karma War hit, and though I had an account since March, never really had a reason to visit here until then. That...was the start of my addiction to the OWF.

So yeah, months go by, had some great fun, climbed the ranks to Chief of Staff (God was the Popcorn War fun, however short it was), but after a while it felt too much like work and not enough like a game and I, frankly, didn't have the time to put into doing my job right there. So I left for SOS on October 29 and was immediately handed a dep level position (fun fact: there's not been a single day I've not been gov in an alliance) and chilled for a while before finally making a move up to MoFA. And now really can sit back and enjoy the fireworks when !@#$ goes down, it's made the game great fun again.

Oh yeah, as you can tell by my nation age, I am a reroll. D: Rerolled for resources a while back, Wine/Pigs to Silver/Uranium. I've not regretted it since. Anyway, that's my little blurb, love me, hate me, say whatever ya want, just...remember to have fun. ;)

Oh, almost forgot to mention, thanks for the birthday present, Grub. ^_^

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You've only been around a year? Seems like longer.

I tend to have that effect on people. :P

Only a year? emot-colbert.gif

Congrats Locke, but just join IAA already. Seriously.

I will, one of these days. Chim's gonna have to do his best though, I'm a tough poach. :v:

Your avatars are terrible. I hope age improves your taste. :wub:

Don't make me sic Lucy on you.

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I think it is because of you that I shed my neutral skin and dived into this alliance of debauchery. I don't know whether to thank you or kill you. 'Grats on a year either way, you've been making this game a bit more interesting for me of late :D

*obligatory desu~*

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