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  1. Some change to TGE please. [code]Color: Black [url="http://thegermanempire.eu/"]The German Empire[/url] (TGE) - #germany[/code] Thanks.
  2. Happy 5 years and here's for the next 5!
  3. nyan bump :3 Join SOS Brigade today!
  4. This will be a fun war. o/ TCU
  5. Me: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=383475 < Water/Uranium Nothic Hive: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=429490 < Aluminum/Pigs edit: hey a tohru. hi
  6. Johnny Craig fan eh? Awesome singer.

  7. Congrats to AODB and their new friend I guess, a start of a friendship. Glad you added the easier text to read, that picture hurted my eyes.
  8. [quote name='MrGriffin38' timestamp='1288443662' post='2497193'] I'll join i have fish and Gems. Willing to switch teams. [/quote] Added.
  9. [font="Trebuchet MS"][b][size="4"]Sanitarium Trading Circle[/size][/b][/font] Welcome to Sanitarium Trading Circle, we will help you to find your trades. Currently we have a TC open, if you wanna join one of it, please reply here, or message me in game, stating which TC that you want to join. [url="http://tinyurl.com/medix-tc"]Trade Circle Spreadsheet[/url] Thank you. -Medix
  10. [quote name='Frostfirefox' timestamp='1288145386' post='2493963'] I think them leaving was worse than them trying to impeach Arrnea. Check your government. Whats this?! You have a traitor in your government who had previously threatened members of your alliance?! You have someone whom Arrnea said he never wanted anything to do with again back into gov?! More?! Are you telling me Arrnea recruited his RL friend to fill in a government spot?! [/quote] Is it that surprising to have a replacement gov now? Unsure about the other guy, but Bern and Michael is pretty experienced and not a new guy by any means. And failed carbon copy of me? Elrich
  11. I think I can buy one, 5 million right? I'm in lol. edit: In a serious note, I can teach you youngins for free, it's a shame that you guys vanished just because of boredom, PM me in game for details.
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