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Dispatch from Greenland Republic


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We tricked the GR Members to vote on Senators again.


Still stinking up the office, Archon: Ilselu1

How the hell? Vice-Archon: Shamedmonkey

Obnoxious to the Nth degree, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gn0x

Better than never, Minister of Defence: Kestral

Om Nom Noms tech sellers, Minister of Finance: St Heliers

You just don't want this, Minister of the Interior: Kosherness


The Illustrious Eleventy Seventh Senate of Greenland Republic: Cripple, Lord Akanata, Trebekistan, Tolkien, Wurzel.

Jello Wrestling matches will be up on Youtube in a few. >_<

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How's your Minister of Trains doing? Non-existent? Yeah, that's why you should have elected me again.

Oh my God, I just realized this. I no longer recognize this government of GR to be legimate. There must be a coup to rectify the situation. :v:

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