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Umbrella-Triton Announcement


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We're pleased to announce the following treaty between Umbrella and Triton. May it be the start of a long and successful relationship between our two alliances.

Umbrella-Triton Protection Treaty

Preamble: Umbrella and Triton have respect for each other see that a partnership would be of great benefit to both parties. In the interests of mutual growth and friendship, Umbrella and Triton enter the following agreement:

Article I - Non-Aggression

Umbrella and Triton agree not to participate in any hostile acts against the other signatory. Be they direct or indirect attacks, both parties acknowledge that any hostile action between the signatories is a violation of this document.

Article II-Assistance

Should Triton require assistance of a non-military nature, Umbrella will help to the best of its abilities while taking the circumstances of the request into account.

Article III - Intelligence

Both parties agree to share any intelligence that is pertinent to the security of the other signatory.

Article IV - Tech

Triton agrees to give Umbrella priority consideration in all of its interalliance technology dealings from now on.

Article V- Defense

Umbrella agrees to defend Triton from any acts of aggression through whatever means are at Umbrella's disposal. Should Umbrella find itself under attack, Triton has the option, but not the obligation to come to Umbrella's defense.

Article VI - Senate

Triton's members on the black team agree to vote for the senate candidate of Umbrella's choosing as long as this treaty stands.

Article VII - Cancellation

Should a signatory decide the relationship is no longer suitable, they must inform the other 72 hours in advance. During those 72 hours, all above articles must be upheld.

Signed for Umbrella,

Roquentin, Triumvir

LJ Scott, Triumvir

domisi, Triumvir

Signed for Triton,

The Draco - Flying Squirrel

The Pyxis - Boogeyman657

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Triton is happy to have Umbrella as our protectors. Many thanks to them for giving us a chance to be their protectorate. And thanks to PC who gave us a chance to start off and for that we appreciate it. :)

o/ Umbrella

o/ Triton

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