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  1. ♥ Timba congrats on your new governmenty thingy
  2. Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure at first.
  3. The billion dollars in reparations is a future obligation and peace is made contingent on the fulfillment of that obligation. Here the only future obligation is to "immediately cease hostilities with each other" and even that is really a present obligation.
  4. The 25th council was certainly amazing, even I can agree it was probably the best TOP has ever had.
  5. I figured this thread would be utterly useless and filled with egocentric replies from the most incompetent Grand Master that TOP has ever had, but you have made it all worth while.
  6. TOP is the chosen people of Johan, God of Thunder and Rock and Roll.
  7. From what I hear, you don't need any Spartans to declare war on Sparta's behalf, let alone have a party.
  8. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/UPcIK.png[/img][/center] [center]As ambassadors of the Hallyu, the Republic of Koreaboo pledges to work alongside our MK brethren to cleanse this planet. [Insert the rest of a lengthy speech that no one will read anyways here.][/center] [center]LOYALTY![/center]
  9. [quote name='Proest' timestamp='1352333814' post='3049896'] Lol. "Longbowe: I will miss you and cry rivers of tears when we don't speak." [/quote] That's more like it. Congratulations Cuba. I wish that your journey to quitting CN is successful. I'll see you at my place soon, we'll have bread and talk about the bad times.
  10. <3 I deserve a shout-out dammit. Good luck! Get better!
  11. [quote name='flak attack' timestamp='1340234235' post='2990730'] I believe the op already contains all information about Alteregos opinion, so far as it needs to be addressed. That said, I have updated it to include the signature of the Koreaboos [/quote] We, the Koreaboos of the Mushroom Kingdom, fully support this endeavor.
  12. 지금은, 소녀 시대. 언제나 소녀 시대의. 영원히 소녀 시대.

    Forever 9!

  13. 지금은, 소녀 시대. 언제나 소녀 시대의. 영원히 소녀 시대.

    Forever 9.

  14. [center][img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/Longbowe/40a83442.png[/img][/center]
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