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  1. Pretty sure this new gov is a secret surrender term...
  2. Guess not willing enough to, you know, actually do it. It doesn't matter why your leadership tells you they didn't impose reps on umb, it was not an option available to them. As for our allies, why would you even say that? What, you think we're dumb pricks that appreciate our allies less than your side? Did your alliance accomplish whatever you think you accomplished all by yourself? Does your side have a monopoly on friendship? Why even bring that up?
  3. Welp, it was nice while it lasted JA. How can our friendship stand up to such charming overtures.
  4. While those are all good reasons to not impose reps, they are not the actual reason. When it boils down to it, Umbrella would not have agreed to reps. Any claim otherwise is bull. No outside aid? Maybe, though very unlikely. The only sure available "term" EQ could've imposed on Umbrella would be more war, and that comes at a big cost.
  5. Where did I say that EQ couldn't keep it up? Why didn't they though? You yourself admit it's a mistake. EQ accomplished nothing other than some empty admission of surrender. I don't get how anyone can be happy and boastful about that.
  6. Are you sure? Better check again. Oh yeah it's even bolded because that's all you got - words in a thread.
  7. If anything will bring our two sides together, it's destruction of the neutrals. It'd be easy too... we'll just start taking them out one by one, they'll be just sitting there watching with their dull grey eyes, not willing to do anything.
  8. I guess we're not really enemies and it was just a friendly scrimmage. They were training to take on their real enemy - the neutrals.
  9. What the hell are you talking about? Did you even readmy post, or are you just dense?
  10. Am I the only one not amused by Ubuntu's shtick? Anyone claiming that this is a victory by Equilibrium is being delusional. No one would ever give up war without any terms if they thought they could achieve a decisive victory. Especially with as much insolence as the Competence side is displaying. Does anyone actually believe that Eq thinks DH learned their lesson and whatever threat they posed has been eliminated? And Eq are so gracious that they granting unilateral white peace with no reps out of the goodness of their heart? If you think this is true you're beyond delusional. The only reason there's peace is because Eq leaders realize that this war is a boondoggle. Claiming that you won anything is like the U.S. claiming victory in Vietnam.
  11. it's dongs, we all use dongs ... as currency
  12. You don't have to presume anything. How dense are you? I said I will take it. You're the one backing out on your offer. You see, you're wrong about us. We don't just care about tech or or stats. We are built like we are because we have commitment and resolve. We care about our friends and we don't like taking s*** from NPO and their cronies. You on the other hand just talk and don't back it up.
  13. So you're admitting you're full of crap. I said I will take your bluff. Either fill my slots or shut up.
  14. Put your money where your mouth is and fill my slots big shot. Unless you're just blowing hot air with that post like the rest of this thread. Ball's in your court.
  15. We're destroying your upper tier = we don't care about our allies? That's some rock solid logic there. Send out aid? How dare we? That makes us monsters and worst allies ever! In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. (Had to put that there because you think that equating a few boastful statements by Cuba to our foreign policy is a solid argument.)
  16. Until you get peace those rebuilt nations will get knocked down again and again. I don't think you have enough nations to be competitive in the upper tier. And there's also a tech gap.
  17. Except that it's not just apples, it's also oranges and those are harder to get since (let's assume) they're out of season... and also the fruit prices rise exponentially based on how many you have already bought ..... actually this apples analogy sucks.
  18. Care to point out some specific grievances since you have them well documented? Of course NPO and Umbrella weren't the only alliances in Karma. I figure you want to beat down MK just as much as Umbrella. Umbrella is important as a symbol though, because it represents what our side has that yours has been denied, and what this thread is about - the upper tier. Exclusive, untouchable, unbeatable. You would love so much to put a dent in that, to give your side hope.
  19. There's a huge piece of the puzzle that a lot of people seem to missing - NS is not all equal. It's a lot less expensive to rebuild low and mid tier nations. It also takes a long time to buy tech. A 100k NS nation is worth a lot more than 2 50k nations. If it were possible to put a monetary and time value on rebuilding the losses, I would bet the numbers would look even better for the Competence side.
  20. What have we done that's so terrible? Your alliance has always been dicks to us too. You clearly harbor a grudge against us and you can deny that it doesn't stem from Karma all you want, no one is buying it. Don't act like attacking us was not your intention for years no matter what we do.
  21. You're the ones that attacked us. You are the ones acting on old grudges. How about you come up with some better material than "umbrella are being dicks to us"?
  22. Your problem is you can't hurt Umbrella. We're out of your range. We'll rebuild a lot faster than you side too. You can't destroy us. You can't make us fear or respect you. We are always going to be a thorn in your side because we remember what NPO is like at the top. Karma changed the world. No longer will you be able to install viceroys or demand ridiculous reparations or force alliances to disband. You'll always be a shell of what you once were. You will always be bitter and nasty and hate us for it. Maybe one day you'll learn to deal with it.
  23. Seems pretty accurate to me. Just because it doesn't align with the propaganda you're being fed doesn't make it untrue.
  24. just in case anyone's wondering Spied Cash: $80,311,316.00 (3 days old)
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