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  1. Damn straight! Good to see I get an honorable mention. The hate resonates! It also rhymes
  2. I've actually put my grudges with TLR behind me. This just happened to be a low hanging fruit.
  3. Me: So TLR, I see you've finally hit rock bottom TLR: OH NO, We can sink wayy lower. How is this better than disbanding? :huh: Congrats I guess.
  4. Not reading the WoT, but the gold standard was removed for the same reason most people want to reinstate it. There's only a fixed amount of gold on the earth. You can't flood or starve the market of gold to avoid a financial crisis, and that adds a tremendous amount of flexibility for the economy. But because the government continually prints money to prop up the economy and pay debts, people want to go back to it. Personally I think we should stay away from the gold standard, and just regulate our expenditures more closely. EDIT: I'm an engineer. The weird thing about gold is that it's like a god material. If Gold was a more widely available metal, you would probably see it used on many more things. It's non-corrosive (it doesn't rust!) It's not very strong, but it is malleable and very thermally and electrically conductive. Not to mention it looks nice.
  5. The game is 7 or 8 years old. How many console or PC games do you play that are that old? My guess is not many. This is a silly browser game. It's kind of amazing it's lasted this long. Just let it die. At this point, any change you make risks making the game worse.
  6. Eh, The time to act was before NG was asked to oA. The sides were forming and NG chose sit right in the middle of all of it. That's how it looked to most.
  7. Lmao, you "were in government" , but didn't realize that wars are just "dogpiles without any meaning" until now? You've got to be !@#$ting me. Those big ole boogie monsters in XX/SF rings a familiar bell to me. Sorry bud, I had to stop reading at this point. You've still got a lot to learn about Cybernations. It's funny to see NG is collectively in the state of harsh realization I was in about two years ago, when Umbrella told us TOP asked them to hit FARK. I was pretty indifferent to all non-allies before that war, but now I literally do despise pretty much every alliance out there that's not directly allied to me. NG "hated" everyone before they got rolled, but now you'll have a real reason to hate alliances. I expect it's going to change how you do politics. The coalition asked NG to get away from MK/TOP last war and you refused. You became a linchpin of the war, and in doing so set up your own demise this war. I want to feel sympathy for you, but I can't. You've been your own undoing. Imo, there's bigger fish to fry in this world, but alliances aren't going to save you from yourself.
  8. Hmm, interesting. That's a wide spread. [ooc]that's so broken[/ooc]
  9. I think this is the first Dos Equis Joint declaration of war. Needs moar war flag.
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