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  1. Not reading the WoT, but the gold standard was removed for the same reason most people want to reinstate it. There's only a fixed amount of gold on the earth. You can't flood or starve the market of gold to avoid a financial crisis, and that adds a tremendous amount of flexibility for the economy. But because the government continually prints money to prop up the economy and pay debts, people want to go back to it. Personally I think we should stay away from the gold standard, and just regulate our expenditures more closely. EDIT: I'm an engineer. The weird thing about gold is that it's lik
  2. The game is 7 or 8 years old. How many console or PC games do you play that are that old? My guess is not many. This is a silly browser game. It's kind of amazing it's lasted this long. Just let it die. At this point, any change you make risks making the game worse.
  3. Eh, The time to act was before NG was asked to oA. The sides were forming and NG chose sit right in the middle of all of it. That's how it looked to most.
  4. Lmao, you "were in government" , but didn't realize that wars are just "dogpiles without any meaning" until now? You've got to be !@#$ting me. Those big ole boogie monsters in XX/SF rings a familiar bell to me. Sorry bud, I had to stop reading at this point. You've still got a lot to learn about Cybernations. It's funny to see NG is collectively in the state of harsh realization I was in about two years ago, when Umbrella told us TOP asked them to hit FARK. I was pretty indifferent to all non-allies before that war, but now I literally do despise pretty much every alliance o
  5. $%&@ I hate this quote system That is true, different alliances do have different goals, but I would think one primary goal would be to generally avoid getting rolled. I wouldn't think you could achieve your goals if you're getting rolled. Yes, you're right, you could just jump to the other side to avoid getting rolled, but that's generally an awful strategy. You might be able to avoid a rolling the first time by switching sides, but you're creating a whole new set of grudges by doing so. You might be able to get away with switching sides if you're a small player, but bigge
  6. ROFL, that pretty accurately describes how I view global politics
  7. Yeah, I agree with JR. I think the treaty system is intentionally structured such that no one is left on the sidelines. If you try to ride the fence and stay out of war, many many alliances will be angry at you. Peer pressure is a beotch. I agree that alliances should make more decisions based on what they feel is wright or wrong, but I'm not necessarily sure that's a problem with the treaty system itself. It's more an issue of what people do with their treaties. Why does anyone have treaties with NG, considering their allies even call them pricks? Why did CnG get so far behind MK, when they
  8. Well tbh, OOC I hold both CnG and NG in high regard, even though I have my reasons for despising them IC. IC, I think it's unfortunate (and oh-so delicious) to see alliances that I do hold in such high regard, making such poor decisions in the past, and then having those poor decisions thrown in their faces by the very people they thought were their friends. It will be interesting to see if the same thing happens to IRON considering their current fiasco. Rumor mill suggests yes, but there's still a lot of war left. EDIT: didn't see you magical trevor. I'll try and respond later
  9. Oh boy, let's not get too excited
  10. Yeah, I'd say most were prepared for that long. XX/SF/DR/NpOSphere were the majority participants, and they were definitely ready. NPO sphere was certainly prepared for a long haul as well despite their strategic interest in the war changing midway through. TOP is respectable and responsible, but I've dealt with them long enough to know I'd rather not deal with them. xD
  11. Once again, war is in full swing. The outcome of this war seems a little more clearcut than the last global war, but as always, we have to go through the motions so we can form our grudges and get our troll on for the next six months. Before I discuss the current conflict, I want to recall what ultimately happened in the previous war. And as a sidenote: This blog entree is meant to be a follow up to my previous blog post regarding the previous global war. In the lead-up to the war there was two competing power spheres: TOP/MK and NPOsphere. NPO was trying to build a powersphere with CnG and
  12. Thank the mother truckin lord! I know, I know, I'm supposed to be gone too. In fairness, I've gotten at least 3 inactivity reminders in a row. One of these days.....it will be all over AND I AINT LOOKING BACK. HELL NAW I AINT LOOKIN BACK. You shouldnt either, rushie.
  13. QFT Best super hero movies are perhaps: The Watchmen The Dark Knight (with the joker) Spiderman (with Dafoe and Tobey Macguire) All the others suck. These arguably suck too, and they're some of the best! Even jessica alba's hot bod couldn't save the Fantastic Four.
  14. Don't you see what's going on here? There's a media frenzy going on right now. People across the country are calling their senators about this. You DO have a voice. Where was the media frenzy over the patriot act? Why weren't the masses calling their senators over the patriot act? The patriot act could have been stopped, but the people allowed it to go through because they thought it would protect them from terrorists. I hate to say it dude, but by not creating a severe nationwide anti-patriot act sentiment, we the people gave up our rights by effectively saying "The Patriot act is not signif
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