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  1. master splinter

    A joint announcement

    o/ Phoenix Federation
  2. master splinter

    Forum Hackings, Beer Reviews, Awards and more

    Actually if you try to make your own beer but mess up, it is quite common to get an unwanted banana flavor in there. I find it funny that a company has made that into a product. I bet it was one of those accidental "inventions" that they decided they liked.
  3. master splinter

    Accepting the Consequenses of War

    [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' date='02 March 2010 - 09:50 PM' timestamp='1267595639' post='2212358'] You want us to pay reps to the NpO? That has to be the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. [/quote] I don't think he was saying that, I took it as giving them up to anyone not NpO specifically.
  4. master splinter

    Accepting the Consequenses of War

    [quote name='eyriq' date='02 March 2010 - 09:11 PM' timestamp='1267593295' post='2212311'] I find it interesting that there [i]are[/i] so many former allies opposing TOP. If surrender terms continue to remain of the crippling variety and this war drags on with such painful consequences I can imagine that the desire to fight on will eek out much quicker on the C&G and friends side. TOP does not make a very good monster. [/quote] RAWR! my best attempt
  5. master splinter

    Accepting the Consequenses of War

    [quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' date='02 March 2010 - 06:55 PM' timestamp='1267585135' post='2212151'] I think this war has actually caused a lot of TOP members to like MK more than we did before the war. We certainly don't hate you guys now. MOST of you are cool people and you guys are definitely the best alliance we have ever fought by far. [/quote] Only the best at war, not the best where it really counts... In bed
  6. master splinter

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    the Spanish Cat will reclaim it's rightful spot You heard it first from me [s]Astronaut Jones[/s] Master Splinter
  7. master splinter

    The FCC Disturbs the sound of Silence

    Good to see allies helping allies
  8. master splinter

    Official Announcement from Citadel

    goodbye my love It seems only yesterday we were crafting you o/ Citadel o/ Old Guard o/ Grämlins o/ Fifth Column Confederation o/ The Order of the Paradox o/ Umbrella o/ Argent I know your spirit will live on Good night sweet prince
  9. master splinter

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    nice first update P.S. thanks P.P.S "post script script?" I thought it was post post script
  10. yeah the only people i have seen are ones i got to play this game so that doesn't count. oh actually i had just found another person the other day on the forums besides you two

  11. Yeah I guess so. I have definitely only met a few people online in my life from Portland--not sure if its the same for you--but its shocking to me as Oregon is pretty big...

  12. woah you and that guy live in portland too?