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Keep on Quacking...

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Everyone knows Duckies are fiercely loyal creatures. Standing together in times of trouble, flocking to one another in times of need, swimming together in times of prosperity. It is with this same loyalty that Duckies treat their friends. As that is the case this MDoAP is enacted to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and quackery between Rubber Ducky Division and Echelon.



The You Had Me At QUACK Accords


Article I: Non-Aggression

No member nation of either signatory will declare war on any member nation of the other, provide aid to enemies of the other, commit acts of espionage against the other or quack in anger at the other. Should either signatory's members commit such acts, adequate reparations and disciplinary action is expected within a reasonable time period. Such incidents shall be resolved through use of proper diplomatic channels in a respectful manner. The aggressor shall provide the cookies and punch for any such meeting.


Article II: Intelligence

A. Should either signatory receive sensitive information regarding the other, they agree to share said information (and the source) with the other, with the intent to protect the security of both signatories. Super top secret quack code may be used.

B. Both signatories agree to exchange moon/mars "hotspot" information when available.

Article III: Mutual Defense

Should either signatory come under attack by a third-party, the other is required to come to said signatory's assistance with it's full strength and resources. To request assistance in a time of war, the signatory in need must send a request to the other through proper diplomatic channels. That alliance then has forty-eight (48) hours to comply, unless another time window is agreed upon by both parties. As per all defense clauses involving Rubber Ducky Division, The infamous Flying V formation shall be in effect.


Article IV: Optional Aggression

In the event that either signatory chooses to go to war with a third-party, the other signatory is encouraged (though not required) to come to said signatory's aid. Should one signatory choose not to come to the other signatory's aid in a war of aggression, this treaty will remain in full effect. Any offensive act of war must be made known to the other signatory 24 hours before said aggressive act takes place. Echelon agrees to quack randomly alongside Duckies during such an action.


Article V: Withdrawal

Either signatory may withdraw from this treaty after giving notice to the other through proper diplomatic channels. Once notice is given, a seventy-two (72) hour grace period will be in effect in which this treaty will remain active.

Signed for Rubber Ducky Division:

Augusta Antonia - Triumvirate

Tongo - Triumvirate

Woopsi - Triumvirate

Signed for Echelon:

Neo Anglia - Director

Chogsilanimous - Director

Ruggerdawg - Minister of Finance

JTrapp8473 - Minister of Foreign Affairs

KMBanana - Minister of Defense

memoryproblems - Minister of Internal Affairs

jrscott - Civil Council

AeonCin - Civil Council

Elmekawy - Civil Council

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