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  1. Caffine

    How is this place still alive?

    The game peaked during the Karma war.
  2. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Fernando12' timestamp='1294619697' post='2570423'] Keve69 did release them and call them rogues. Keve's problem later it seems was that the silly 3 alliances cried over having to fight rogues and kept at Keve until this deal finally came about. [/quote] Except that wasn't what he was talking about, he was addressing another question and you're just trying to get another talking point.
  3. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1294613438' post='2570247'] It already been said, and confirmed by RnR that NpO was negotiating for UINE [b]because your party asked them to.[/b] [/quote] That's a completely irelevant point when you look at the accusation I was addressing.
  4. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1294612184' post='2570194'] If the previous peace agreements were similar to this I can understand why the agreement wasn't upheld, it seems like they've been taken advantage of into agreeing to terms that make no sense for them to agree to. Somehow you guys have convinced part of the alliance to fund you guys as you continue to wage war on the other part of the alliance, either the terms should include all of them getting peace or it doesn't make sense for them to paying reps for 'partial' peace. UINE having terrible negotiating skills probably played into them getting these terms somewhat, but when terms don't even include peace but they do pay reps, it looks like UINE's leaders were taken advantage of using threats. [/quote] Did you miss the part where UINE threatened AiD in peace negotiations? Or the part where they agreed to pay reps, and then came back and said "We can't afford to pay $6 million and 42 tech." "You'll have to war reps out of us" Or how about where UINE had NpO negotiating in their corner? Have you actually done your research? It certainly doesn't look like it.
  5. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='TheListener' timestamp='1294610866' post='2570165'] How is it not an abuse of Authority? RnR/Echelon came to UINE with all their friends and said if you don't do what we want you to, we will either ZI you or go to war with your alliance. Please tell me where in there, is there not an abuse of authority or power. [/quote] That only works if you leave put all the facts, like you did. Think of it like this: A man continues to violate a contract, and is taken to mediation. An agreement is made, but the man violates the agreement. Another attempt is made, this time with an arbiter capable of making a legally binding agreement between the parties, resulting in a settlement. When the man violated this, then he is taken to court. The man continues to make promises but fails to honor them. The judge finds him in contempt of court, and sentences him to prison. Now, the way you have spoken about the situation, it could be seen as: A man has a contract dispute, so he is thrown in jail. This is not simply a matter of going to them and saying "or else". This is holding a man in contempt for his actions. Edit: And as to the issue of the forum, that simply played a small part in it. Their members, gov and non-gov alike, told us that they were still members. When Keve said that he declared them rogue, he still offered them asylum. We never once demanded that they remove the member masks, we approached Polar and said "What's the deal? They still have these people masked as members and gov. It doesn't really feel like Keve is sticking to his word" and UINE removed them. There is a big difference.
  6. This is unfortunate, although sometimes things like this do happen. We love our friends in both alliances and hope that one day you will all be close again.
  7. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Keve69' timestamp='1294557720' post='2569493'] These people lost access to all gov parts of the forums the moment they went rogue. In all honesty over my CN career I've dealt with quite a few rogue issues and no one ever got butthurt about if a rogue could see our spam areas or not. Once it was pointed out how big of an issue this was I immediately removed all permissions from the affected people so as to try to cool down the situation. These people were all in UINE for extended periods of time and had all held several positions over their stay meaning they had tons of different masks. I[b]n between dealing with another round of 'negotiations' I forgot a single mask on a single account [/b][i][b]which hadn't been forum active since August 12[/b]th[/i]and somehow I'm switching permissions to secondary masks? Please take the tinfoil hat off. Also, forums are OOC and noone but the owner has any sort of buisness telling us who may or not may be posting on them. If you want to pay for our forum then you may raise a rucus over whos allowed to post in our spam threads. [/quote] Uh, Keve, you might not want to lie You're talking about Mat. Note the postcount:on January 5 [url="http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/4969/matarrese.jpg"]http://img832.images...9/matarrese.jpg[/url] Now note the postcount on January 7 [url="http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/7059/matarresecurrent.jpg"]http://img42.imagesh...resecurrent.jpg[/url] And then you wonder why you're getting ZI'd
  8. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Keve69' timestamp='1294556254' post='2569461'] Yes, we are *clearly* making this up... /rollseyes P.S: The bolding is mine. [/quote] That was simply a reiteration of it being added at some point or another. At no time did we advocate that. Trust me, we're the last people to advocate banning people from alliances.
  9. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='DictatatorDan' timestamp='1294553299' post='2569383'] [color="#ff0000"]Regardless of whether or not I agree with the aggrieved parties complaints, accepting pre-Karma draconian terms to quench the blood lust of a cowardly alliance like Echelon is unacceptable. Giving into the juvenile desires of others at the expense of your allies is the very definition of cowardice.[/color] [/quote] What part is pre-Karma Draconian terms? There's no permanent anything. We're not warring the whole alliance. Their leader gets ZI'd, and the aggrieved alliance gets $36 million. No forced disbandment, no permanent expulsions.
  10. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='DictatatorDan' timestamp='1294552115' post='2569357'] [color="#ff0000"]One would think that with a collection of powerful allies, like NpO and it's affiliates, that UINE could at least secure a more favorable conclusion, rather than buckling to the whims of traditionally cowardly alliances like Echelon. Congrats on having equally cowardly allies. Those that have pressed this agreement are equally at fault. These terms reek of pre-Karma stench.[/color] [/quote] Notice how you haven't seen Polar making a statement of condemnation? Polar are exxtremely fierce allies, and if they didn't agree with this they would have said so. The truth is that Polar believes that Keve messed up as well. Anybody who actually knows what happened (and isn't in denial) agrees that this is quite a reasonable solution.
  11. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Keve69' timestamp='1294550583' post='2569335'] Ever read the Merchant of Venice? When someone wants a pound of flesh bad enough, they'll use whatever they can get their hands on to get it. [/quote] Ever see Samurai Delicatessen? http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/comedy/watch/v16036274NPTQq7zE If you order a cheeseburger, you expect to get a cheeseburger, not led around in circles.
  12. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    [quote name='Fernando12' timestamp='1294549717' post='2569324'] Overkill, is an understatement. All this crap for an alliance that won't exist in a couple of months. AiD, just disband now. [/quote] That's really funny. AiD has been around longer than most of the big players out there today, and will be around long after you either disband because of inactivity or get absorbed by another alliance.
  13. Caffine

    The Commonsense Revolution

    I'm glad that a solution could be found that worked out for everyone. o/ to AiD, o/ to R&R, o/ to Echelon
  14. A great salute to our allies in NADC. Congratulations, and may your camel spit nothing but dates.
  15. [quote name='Dibbun' timestamp='1294124966' post='2562841'] I think a better course of action for UINE would have been to pay the reparations and then recouped the cost of it themselves. Seems like they don't want to take responsibility for their members lack of education concerning who to and who not to declare war upon. [/quote] That's what we thought.