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  1. RIP Moo. My condolences to all those who were closer to him than I.
  2. I am glad I joined PC in time to be a part of this great merger. I look forward to being a part of Non Grata (despite Nettles being in gov). also, yay mergers! o/ PC o/ iFOK o/ NG
  3. Oh my... Rush in leadership...? Hope the Alzheimers doesn't kick in yet. Rule with a firm cane, old man! I trust that Voodoo will do good things. And Jgoods back as MoFA... Let the treaties fly! Seriously though, good luck in turning Athens around, guys. This gov lineup looks promising. Good luck in your further ventures, Rsox.
  4. PEACE MODE WARRIOR! Strong words from the man cowering in the corner of some bunker somewhere...
  5. This is the most fun I've had in a while here lol. Bye AcTi
  6. good luck, bro. hope to see you back soon, or at least on IRC. Also, D:
  7. Congrats on peace. Good work GOONS - few more to go haha. Also, I support reps from TLR just because they have a nation ruler who stole my name
  8. Congrats on peace. Way to go PC. Some brightness in an otherwise cloudy time. o/ PC
  9. Congrats on peace. Also, where's mah sig
  10. Good luck to the remaining PC gov. I have faith that even with this rather sudden obstacle, you will continue to move on and stay strong. I wish you the best of luck in getting this resolved. o/ PC
  11. Congrats on 3 months fellas. I guess you are some alright people :-P And drinks are still on me! CHEERS!
  12. [quote name='+Zeke+' timestamp='1297830549' post='2635188'] BAWWWWW [/quote] Man... and I thought listening to our resident old-timer Rush tell war stories and "back in my day" tales was boring... I've never heard "NO U" said with so many words... Nor did I care to.
  13. WARRRRRRRR!!! Bout time I find a couple nations in war mode in my range. o/ Athens o/ =LOST=
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