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I don't post much in Open Forum. I've never really had an excuse to. Tonight I feel I need to.

What follows is text from a ost I made tonight in Alpha Omega Forums.

If this is in the wrong place I apologize beforehand.

I've been a member of this Alliance off and on since inception. First as Dorian Polemarch then after Dorian deleted, as Duncan.

I didn't ever anticipate the number or extent of the Multi Situation here.

I can see nation sitting. It's allowed by CN. What I cannot understand is one person feeling the need to control so many Nations.

Crossed IP's. Posting as someone else. The whole deal. Lying to your peers while in a leadership position. It's reprehensible. Diabolical and just flat out wrong.

This morning I just happened to be online when The Griffins posted. From all things...a psp (Play Station Portable). The problem I have with that is that Mike always uses a psp device from his work to check the forums. I got suspicious and investigated. Sure enough the IP matched one that Mike used as an admin a few nights ago, Wed august 26th. Here it is sunday and The Griffins then posts, using the same device saying he is across the street from where Mike works on the same admin IP. He is sure to say in his posts that ip's might cross. Interesting isn't it?

What am I getting to? Well as of tonight I posted in CN a abuse report on Mad Mike. Listing his nation, dangers daddy, and stewie and brian. Those are the one I know about and which Mike his self has confirmed to me. I take these actions because Mike betrayed a trust to me and to everyone else here. It's wrong people, plain and simple, it's wrong.

Just so you know, I suspect more...but i am stopping there. There is no point in doing more damage. Damage which I never intended to occur.

I have nothing but the best interests in heart for Alpha Omega. I am sorry if it appears otherwise but this Alliance will not survive and infection of Multiple accounts controlled by one person.

I swore to defend AO from "All" threats and until I am no longer welcome here I will not stop trying to protect and defend those players that are trying to "Play Fair".

Mike....you were a friend once....sadly you have already made the implication that that friendship would be over. I will not stand by and ignore the cheating and if you cannot understand that then I am truely sorry.

I have logs and screenshots for anyone who wishes to see them. Posting them here is beside the point.

I have never misled anyone here. I have always been straight to the point and have always played this game with integrity and honor.

In ending...I saw a comment on irc tonight that said this: "wow duncan lucky your not in his range" and "you just made mike's most wanted".

This is a game folks, it doesn't matter in the terms that it's just a game. I have been to ZI it's nothing to be afraid of. The part that matters is the loss of community, the loss of trust. The loss of friends over something as trivial as wanting to skirt the rules.

That kills Alliances. It kills a piece of all of us.

I intend on staying and trying to rebuild this community people and I will make it perfectly clear that I do not have to be in a leadership role to do that. A leader never has to be in a "position". A leader is someone with the fortitude to do the right thing when needed.

I stepped up.

I ask everyone to evaluate what you want from this Alliance and I challenge you. All of you. To step up. Alpha Omega can be saved.

Duncan aka

Dorian Polemarch

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Duncan, you did the right thing.

Should you face any future in-game problem because of what you did be sure to talk with the Moderators: they may be able to help you. If they can't ("no smoking gun") I'd be glad to be of help: feel free to contact me at your leisure.

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This is a very, very, very very tricky topic. :mellow:

Indeed I've started and stopped writing in response to this thread on multis at least a few times. I have some strong opinions on this subject, not only regarding people who do this sort of thing simply because they don't think they'll ever get caught, but also because I've read through the appeal threads on several occasions and have seen people who clearly were not trying to multi having their appeals answered in a way that made it clear that this is more than just a cheating issue, it's an issue that has affected the growth of the game in a negative way for some time. I'll leave it at that.

It is my hope that the Moderation staff will do a complete investigation and will render a verdict that is fair to all those concerned.

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I'm with Hal on this for a number of reasons, I lecturing anyone on the dangers of multiple accounts is just laughable, however I don't know what good will come from this post, the report was enough inmo, all this just did was make a horrible situation much worse`.

I wish AO the best of luck during this time.

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I'd ask people not to discuss the multi policy, or particular cases, in this forum. Suspected multis should be reported in Report Game Abuse (as I believe was done in this case), and if you have further evidence that you don't wish to post in a report you can PM a member of staff with it. In general moderation issues shouldn't be discussed here (even via a paste in from another board) except in the Moderation forum and reports in the subforums.

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i fought along with AO back with my old nation, i loved those guys, but now, something is happening, i am unsure what, all my good friends are being hunted down and killed, just like deer. Some are called ghosts, others were kicked from the alliance, my heart cries thinking of all the goods mix with all the bads

o/ old alpha omega, how i miss you

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