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  1. Solutions non chaining, get the treaty whores out of power, and for there to be lots of treaty downgrades.
  2. I know you dont like this pic, but it better represents my charecter. Shouldnt you be doing your homework?

  3. good work with the TCs

    Also nice pic

    Gooddamn spooks!

  4. Saw you post on my profile, thought I'd post on yours.

  5. Hey Brenna, I'd like to go the extra mile and welcome you to the Cn community.

  6. saw you checking my profile, thought I'd check yours.

    Seems pretty cool. ;)

  7. hello there, I remember you from CoMA. I hope all is well.

  8. what's up?

    Saw you checking my profile, thought I'd check yours.

  9. Glad to see GDI still going strong

  10. thank you for leading us to victory

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