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  1. interesting seeing what everyone else's number look like
  2. Yeeee, really glad to see this finally get done.
  3. created *1/3/2008 OG *1/3/2008-*3/27/2008 IRON *3/27/2008-*11/28/2008 Mars 11/28/2008?-3/20/2009? Vox *3/20/2009-*5/19/2009 Bushido *5/19/2009-*9/23/2010 GLOF *9/23/2010-*3/1/2011 AESIR *3/1/2011?-*1/30/2012 OMFG *1/30/2012-*8/9/2012 GLOF *8/11/12-02/7/13 stars are exact dates
  4. It would shake things up and get everyone excited about the game again.
  5. [quote] Just out of curiosity, is it possible for the game to support this character via some change? and if so is it unlikely that we could see said change instated? [/quote] I would just like to make sure this question is answered.
  6. conrgats on your two years. We'll always be yougins.
  7. [quote name='Craven' timestamp='1299288557' post='2652943'] No need to feed the ego We appreciate your kind words. [/quote] Please feed the ego Thank you for the kind words Monkeybum.
  8. Cairna good to hear from you. Still active eh?
  9. i've been using alt 0198 :/ The time I've wasted Odin, Craven and I agree on almost everything, and once again they have answered those questions exactly as I would have.
  10. Thank you, everyone for the support. OMFG thank you for the protectorate. Craven, and Odin and the rest of Æsir we are going to have a adventure.
  11. AO is a great alliance, and it is a privledge to fight them.
  12. http://z11.invisionfree.com/BushidoAlliance/index.php?showtopic=847
  13. Countries can give tech to other nations, but when they do they don't lose tech. It's weird.
  14. Congrats to GLOF, and all the candidates! o/ GLOF o/ Alaric
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