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  1. Forever in my heart.

  2. Great to see us back in brotherly love with the Firefly fans. It's been a while since our shortlived treaty back in Feb-Apr '08 with the artist formally known as the Browncoats. Nice work to both governments.
  3. I am prouder than punch about this announcement. We keep meticulous records of membership. We briefly started the alliance on Blue before the switch to Orange.
  4. That's about what it came down to really. A lack of activity. We still love 'em though.
  5. Classy allies those UCN types and they've got a good set of pins on 'em too. Looking forward to continued partnership. Cheers!
  6. The armchair diplomats make me laugh with their "harsh terms" and "lenient terms" remarks. The terms are set, peace is achieved and we all act like gentlemen again. My greatest admiration goes to MCXA for fighting long and hard despite losing over half of their national strength. To the alliances of AZTEC, it was a pleasure to see us working as one in the campaign in defence of VE. Finally, well done to The Grand Lodge of Freemasons. I love you guys!
  7. May the war be swift and clean. Good luck brothers. You do realise that really has little to do with anything right now.
  8. What's this all about? Making love instead of making war. PILLOW FIGHT!! :lol: Great work Lodge Council and our Samurai friends. Nice treaty.
  9. Always sad to see good friends part company. Good luck in your travels PUKErs.
  10. A message from the Office of Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons. My Dearest Brethren, Distinguished Rulers and Cowans, As the month of February draws to a close and with it the fifth term of Council, I report to you for the last time as Grand Master of the Lodge. Internal Works The subject at the forefront this month was that of activity, or lack of it, and how that subject should be tackled. The end result was Lodge Law 05-01 or the Degree Activity Act that provides a clear guide as to how a Brother should be made answerable to the obligation they took when seeking admission to
  11. Incas, Masons, Gun Fans and Footballers....what an awesome bloc. Should make for some interesting get-togethers.
  12. Ahh, nothing like a Charter re-write to warm your $@les. I know just ask me. Well done Nueva Vida. Very nice to see it all going well in the jaguar infested jungles of South America.
  13. Well done my Templar brothers. A mighty milestone indeed!
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