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Treaty Announcement from IAA and Polaris


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The "Polar Bears are People Too! Pact"

Imperial Assault Alliance - New Polar Order PIAT

While traveling around space, an Imperial Star Destroyer full of IAA members landed on an uninhabited icy planet, dubbed by the starcharts they were following as "Polaris". This seemingly deserted winter wonderland soon came alive as polar bears of all strengths and sizes emerged from the blizzard to greet them. The Sith Lord Darth Taralis descended from the Star Destroyer Chimaera to meet these unknown beings, and during their conversations the Imperials and Polars recognized they held many common beliefs about their convoluted universe, and this treaty was soon born to signify their new friendship.

Article I:

The Imperials and Polars agree to not throw ice during their snowball fights, and to always set their blasters to "stun".

Article II:

The Imperials agree to share their knowledge of what is going on in space while the Polars agree to share their knowledge of the polar regions should it pertain to the other party.

Article III:

Both sides agree to cooperate economically for the advancement of both societies. Should the Polars ask for lightsabers, the Imperials will supply as many as possible, and if the Imperials ask for pet penguins the Polars will be happy to provide them.

Article IV:

Should the Imperials or Polars desire to part ways in this universe, such cancellation is allowed after a 48-hour notification period, during which time this treaty stays in effect.

Signed for the Imperial Assault Alliance,

His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera

Grand Vizier: Stagger Lee

Imperial Regent: Scipio Africanus

Grand Admiral: MercyFallout

ISB Director: Darth Nihilus

Imperial Exchequer: James Wilson

Signed for the New Polar Order,

AlmightyGrub, Emperor

Dajobo, Minister of Truth

Jphillips, Deputy Minister of Truth

Darth Ludicolo Hernando Sombrero Actorbass, Minister of Peace

Moridin, Deputy Minister of Peace

Ski11585, Minister of Plenty

Goalintos, Deputy Minister of Love

John Rocker, Imperial Advisor

Carfre Inpor, Foreign Affairs Officer

Linden16, Foreign Affairs Officer

Edited by Chimaera
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