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Big ole Merge

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Starting tonight at update the Confederacy of Independent States will be merging into The Order of Halsa. The AA of "Confederacy of Independent States" will be under the protection of Halsa for one week.

CIS has had numerous troubles in these last few weeks and Halsa welcomes them with open arms. We hope that they will find Halsa a good new home. We will be sure to bring them lots of cookies and mudkips to make them feel loved.

Even though some people have problems with CIS and wanted their downfall know that some members did not give up and walk away, they continued to try and do what was right for CIS. And this is what they felt was right.

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A farewell from the Confederacy of Independent States

There are too many reasons for the failure of CIS that I won't waste my efforts or your time with lengthy explanations. Those of us who were a part of the reformation of the true Confederacy of Independent States know beyond a doubt that regardless of what a few individuals choose to believe, we had something special. It boils down to this: they can think whatever they want to; those of us who partook know.

We took a chance, went out on a ledge, and any number of other clichés that nonetheless mean we took a high-risk, high-payout chance. We didn't pull it off. The members of our government failed as individuals and as a whole. This week we had to pay the piper.

One thing we did manage to do right in our few months of operation was find true friends. The Order of Halsa has stood by our side from practically day one. They have been an ally in every way possible. In our hour of need they have opened their borders to accept Confederate refugees as their own. While reluctant in some ways, we are thankful to have friends who can help us pick ourselves up and find our footing once again.

The Confederacy of Independent States has decided to capitulate unconditionally to The Order of Halsa. Our high government has left; I, as the next tier down, have rejected a promotion for personal reasons, and no other member is both willing and able to step up. It would be a cruel joke to continue to let the rot of inactivity gut what was once a strong and proud alliance. And with that, we say goodbye.

Gen Beagle,

Prime Minister

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