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  1. "Kitten, I love you but you're a menace." -- @CapnMintbeard and every cat owner ever. https://t.co/YelwhbbuWJ

  2. @CapnMintbeard @Manda0Lynn -- Dang! What a cluster!

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  5. @ArrJaySketch -- I think 'Reasonably Stupid' is the fun sort where you're just having fun, not hurting anything or anyone. ^^d

  6. RT @PlayStation: This is Control, a new supernatural adventure from the team that brought you Max Payne @remedygames #PlayStationE3 https:/…

  7. @Pariah_Layne -- I've dealt with depressed friends enough to know that asking what they're REALLY angry at is usual… https://t.co/C2Yq89rx8u

  8. -- I SAT ON A WAAAAAAAAAAASP! #WriteTheRiff @Rifftrax https://t.co/6oFOLy6w4D

  9. -- Test seemed to be successful! Thanks to all who dropped by, including the raid from @FortefyreGaming. ^^d

  10. -- Back to present day, #PSVR and the #PS4 Camera have helped the entire VR industry along to more maturity than ev… https://t.co/U4AGbljRo8

  11. RT @FocusHome: Vampyr, the new game from @DONTNOD_Ent, releases next week! RT & Follow for a chance to win this incredible @Xbox One S cus…

  12. RT @MWarnerMusic: Not too shabby. https://t.co/jmKxfM0uTY

  13. -- This month's #OSTreats are from #BraveFencerMusashi! I love this whole soundtrack, but I've chosen a few notabl… https://t.co/za4OoTIUeb

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  15. RT @Lord_Arse: HAH! https://t.co/r1tMwBlrKb