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A message from the Alliance of Caffine

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Hello Cybernations,

I'm here to bear my soul to you all


In the last few months I've seen all sorts of places.


And although I haven't been extremely active, I have been watching


But ultimately I made the decision to come back this morning, and I believe that it was fate. I've been reading the Echelon terms


and I need to express my outrage


I know that the alliances we were at war with, MA especially had quite a grudge against me. At times, I have rode pretty high and mighty


Because of this I took my nation out of Echelon about a week ago, as I realized my being there could have caused excessive harshness when it came to them getting out of the war. We have our histories with each other.


The very fact that I was banned from ever holding a position in government in Echelon again just goes to show that there is something very wrong here and I need to do something about it.


Picture Unrelated

You know who you are. I'm going to make you an offer here and give you what you really wanted.



I will offer myself up to EZI in exchange for the halving of Echelon's terms.

That is all.


Caffine1 of Caffine of the alliance Caffine

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You fail for the simple reason that you did a crappy job formatting that post.

Edit: you fail for putting to many photos in your post. You also fail for using photos from MASH.

But hey, I think your doing a noble thing, or your being stupid, depends on how you look at it.

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As an expert in selflessness, I'm sure it means a lot, coming from you.
It is. But you may not.

Quite quick on the snapback, almost like you were keeping close tabs on this. My mistake on my first reading of this, I am now more inclined to believe this is a PR honeytrap, especially with the worlds EZI in the OP. I hope I am wrong.

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