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  1. baseballer790

    The Past, Present, and Future

    Planet Bob, I know I am not the most liked person in Cybernations. I am arguably one of the most hated players in the game. I am often referred to as annoying, rude, ignorant, etc etc. I have dealt with this throughout my entire IC "career". It has gotten to the point where every alliance I join immediately gets terrible PR. This results in no alliance wanting me. This takes it too far. I am not here to apologize to anyone person or alliance because even when I do apologize, it results in bad results for myself and my respective alliance at the time. I know what I have done. I am extremely rude and annoying to other people on IRC and on these forums. I have been expelled from the New Polar Order because of such actions a few months ago. When I joined the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance, they were trolled just for accepting me. I then left the MCXA because of problems within the MCXA that I do not feel I have the liberty to publicly say. I joined the New Sith Order where I felt I could quietly settle. I was wrong. The NSO was trolled for accepting me and their PR plummeted. I left the NSO shortly after this because I did not like the way the government was set up. I then joined the Global Democratic Alliance for a short period of time before I was offered to help make the alliance I am in now, the Crimson Guard. The Crimson Guard was trolled because of their sketchy members, namely me and Sileath. After a while this quieted down. I have just been informed that every alliance that CG asked for a protectorate, shot us down because I am in the alliance. My bad PR is once again making my alliance pay. I am being asked to leave just for this reason. Once again others are paying the price for having me in their alliance. If this keeps happening, I will not be able to join any alliance at all. This is ruining the game for me. This cannot continue like this. It needs to change. I ask the people have Planet Bob to let my past go. I have thought about rerolling, taking the easy way out, but I decided not to. I wish for you all to forgive me on what I did in the past and get on with the future. I'm not saying we have to be friends or anything, but I ask please, stop with the trolling and anything of the sort of me and the alliance I am in. I know I have screwed up, and I wish to fix this. I know I have said this several times in the past, but I will not be the annoying and rude brat I was before. I want a fresh start with my current identity, so I ask you all to try your hardest to forgive me for my past actions, and I will try my hardest to not screw up again like I have so many times in the past. Get over the past, and get on with the future. I'm wish to be done with the old baseballer790 and start a new baseballer790. From now on, I am the new baseballer790, and I will not be like the old baseballer. It ends now. Sincerely, baseballer790 tl;dr: Please forgive my past, I know I screwed up and I will not screw up again in the future. (But please read the whole thing when you get time) EDIT: Grammar P.S I am still under the protection of CG as I have not left the alliance as of yet.
  2. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    I can guarantee you my password is not a dictionary word
  3. Yeah, if you're using ZetaBoards or Invision Free... which we aren't..it takes a lot longer than you would think.
  4. I am not an "issue". I set up those forums, I have setting up the finance department, I have done so much work for this alliance. I've been productive with this alliance, and not a problem like Sileath.
  5. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    No was no hint. And my password is not a dictionary word.
  6. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    People can't take down the forums and put up a rick roll with the SMF admin CP. I did not give Sileath a government position, Fran did, so I had to give him admin rights. I was the only one with access to the database.
  7. Please clarify the meaning of that statement
  8. May I please ask what the $%&@ your talking about
  9. I was talking about this thread. Yes, I am.
  10. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    We did not accuse, we just simply said that the email the hacker registered with belonged to that person.
  11. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    No one is tossing around baseless accusations from CG, other people are.
  12. baseballer790

    Crimson Guard forums hacked

    Weren't you the one that stated he used our real life names?