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The gods are angry

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If all men were just, there would be no need of valour. {Greek Proverb}

Olympus was founded on the virtues of honor, trust and family. Our purple friends have taken us in and protected us in our very beginning hours. For that we owe more than we could ever repay here. We stand beside our purple allies in this fight for honor, standing shoulder to shoulder we will achieve victory in our values and philosophy which is something no war, or opposing alliance would ever be able to take away.

Our Valhalla allies have lived up to their obligations and we live up to ours. Olympus will not sit in the corner and watch our allies, our friends, our family get surprise cuddling. Olympus will not use first strike nukes, but will retaliate with our full arsenal if hit or spied upon to remove weapons of Mass destruction.

While the beginning of this conflict is a shroud of questionable issues, our support for our friends in Valhalla is not. Even if it means we lay every ounce of Olympic blood upon the altars of Ares, we shall not falter nor shall we rest until the day is done and our honor is served. Pixel people can die and be recreated, past deeds fade with time, but honor and glory shall never die, shall never fade. It is that honor that drives our actions tonight.

For attacks against our brothers and sisters of Valhalla, a state of war now exists between Olympus and KRONOS.

The Titan Council

President Jackson of Buffalo Niagara

Mississippigurlie of Gurlieana

queenhailee of Bassetland

martys_three_girls of Wallenpaupackia

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