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Carpe Diem Announcement type thing

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It is with a heavy heart, that on this day I make this announcement. Approximately 80 hours ago, Carpe Diem gave notification to the Common Defense Treaty that we had decided to cancel our participation in the bloc.

In our time there we had grown quite close to each alliance, however, alliances can only come together for so long, especially in a bloc environment, with such differences in foreign policy. Let it be known that it was not our intentions of leaving CDT at this time of need. We announced our 72 hours only slightly after the DoW's were dropped, but we had told them days before that we were considering it. So for those of you who think this is convenient, shove it up your butts, we would never act in such a manner that was so disrespectful to our allies.

We still love all those alliances and will definitely be staying in touch with them.


Pyroman - Triumvir

Kirsten - Triumvir

Destructiox - Triumvir

Komachi Onozuka - Director of Education

Bionic Redhead - Director of Defence

Divine Proportion - Director of Internal Affairs

And the other CD Gov officials too lazy to sig.

Editted to make it more G rated.

Edited by Pyroman
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