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Official War Stat Page Link


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Link to Original Stats

Breakdown of NS changes

This will be updated daily, please post any change/problems as a reply to this thread.

These are teh stats. I will be working with the legion member making the second link. The first link will hold the alliance stats at the beginning of the war (at the time of declaration)

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And then to think so many alliances still have to join the war... Though on the other hand, the nuclear weapons will become an important factor methinks, as well as determination. I think we're still going to see a couple of unexpected moves by some large alliances...


see this link as well: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pBn...BSEEA&gid=0

Hegemony got 62,000,000 NS joining last night

Karma got 53,000,000 NS joining last night

Hegemony lost 1,200,000 NS last night

Karma lost 640,000 NS last night

With a lot of alliances still having to join, including some large ones, like I've already said, combined with the fact that a lot of alliances have less than 40% of their nations participating in the war as of this moment.

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Who is left to enter the war on the Hegemony side? Very few know exactly who is in Karma but it should be pretty clear who is going to fight for NPO and co. We've seen the majority of Q embroiled apart from IRON but I'm wondering whats left.

Iron, Molon labe, NEW, NADC and TOOL... I think

on the other side: more :D

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Our side may be the underdog, but if the right alliances stay neutral we might have a chance. Either way, Karma is definitely going to know they've been in a war afterward. :)

I'm just glad this is a fairly even war. I hate curbstomps.

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I can't give you the complete list but l can tell you to expect the Godliest Military Empire in CN to make an apearance.

Well then we do have a problem dont we. You can not expect the guy to add up alliances yet to enter on one side when you dont provide those alliances. How is he going to add up?

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