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  1. I see you viewed my profile, and nothing more :(.

    Good luck again btw ;)

  2. Good analysis Bob, I knew most of it but still thoroughly enjoyed the read.
  3. Complaining about curbstomps is just a reaction to the boredom felt by people because of the stagnant political map. People merely want drama, and quite frankly thats cool. It is a game after all.
  4. cowen70

    First Issue

    I voted no, I don't mind the risk of slipping, whats life without a little risk. Besides which if I was to worry that much about slipping in the bathroom I might end up taking a dump in the sink. Is that acceptable?
  5. No comments? From now on this must change.

  6. No I got it, but I smell the roses every day. I just don't get depressed by so called 'recession' news either
  7. Sarkin, I'm not playing to a crowd, not being in AA leadership I couldn't give a fig what the crowd thinks, I just speak my mind
  8. If your ever in my range and I can I will nuke you, but EZI is dumb so generally I support your rantings.
  9. On a slightly more serious note others like myself (despite being personally troubled by the recession) can see that the correction of over valued assets is damn well neccessary, people like Richard Branson say that many many millionaires will be created by this recession as its easier to enter markets where entry costs are lowered by recessions. I can see nothing but good coming out of this. Over valuation is being corrected, excessive public sector spending is being noticed and we're trimming the fat out of the retail market. Its all incredibly interesting I think.
  10. Noticed advertisements over on total war center, twcenter.net since they changed their advertisng provider. I'm not adverse to change but I'm not sure I appreciate the new forum layout. I find navigation more akward and confusing, that is perhaps just me and others prefer it. Game changes are welcome as always. I have been getting nothing but negatives events for ages now so new positive ones are always welcome. Military deployments costs sound interesting assuming they are proportional.
  11. Could you not do something where wonders become prohibitely expensive after say 10 wonders so you can either balance your nation to be a military powerhouse or an economic powerhouse, this way it would stop just maxing out on wonders of every variety. Then it becomes more about skill or choice (are you a banking nation or a fighter) I like the ideas I just had that random thought.
  12. Its a very good idea, at the minute once you get to the top its all gravy which is not how larger nations work (in simulation terms) the larger an administration the more waste and more corruption. This is the reason why in real life the EU has never had its accounts signed off. To much waste and corruption. Admin: The power balance which has arisen in the game makes total war or any unplanned war impossible therefore 'simply going to war' is not actually simple. War is a feature of alliances not a feature of nations unless they are suicidal, and what he suggests is something specifically tailored to nations not alliances. There must be something that stops larger nations constantly accellerating far faster than any small nation could ever catch.
  13. cowen70


    I commented recently in a thread about this, as did GOD. I have never signed off on a treaty with anyone I wouldn't head to ZI for. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find my recent merger partners in Defcon maintain the same level on integrity. We are one of the few alliances out there to only have a few close allies. If every alliance had the same integrity the treaty web would have a lot less lines and be a lot simpler. If you do cancel an MDP it should damn well not be because you realise they are going to war, if you don't like their actions don't sign the MDP. If you have already signed it and don't realise how bad the actions are then honour the treaty since you didn't have the intelligence (in terms of military or political information) to cancel it before you suddenly realise you might lose precious infrastructure pixels.
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