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DICE declares war on GGA

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Common Head Penguin I expected a better declaration from you, how long did this take you to write up 30 seconds.

[02:45] <head_penguin> plus i am IA WTF do i know about DoWs

here is the evidence he doesnt know what his doing, Dow probably not even legit.

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who the hell is dice?

Who the hell is GGA?

Oh, wait... Right, Them.

Allow me to throw out a hearty Good Luck all around.

Wait! I'm not suposed to be posting!

)): Neuromancer7 )):

Note: The previous message is for certain of my allies. :wub:

Also: I LOVE how convoluted the treaty web's are. Oh what tangled web's we weave.

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Some may try to spin this as a tech raid on your part. If they do, show them this guy's nation.

GGA: Doin' it wrong for at least 832 days.

As sad as that may be, he's probably one of their more able nations.

Disaster Relief Agency, Great Monument, Great Temple, Internet, Manhattan Project, Movie Industry, National Research Lab, National War Memorial, Pentagon, Social Security System, Stock Market, Strategic Defense Initiative,
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who the hell is dice?

maybe if u read the OWF more you would of saw our DoE, our Protectorate treaty with Athens, our announcement of 500k last week, and our upgrade from Protectorate treaty to MDoAP with Athens, and u might of even saw our DoW on NPO

but i guess if u missed all those and are not cool enough to know us i could see how u might think we are some made up AA

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