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  1. good to see this relationship grow! *whispers to the guy behind the camera "is that good enough?" sigh, o/TLR, o/NPO *whispers as he gets up, "i need a shower" also, it's fitting that Roquentin is the main character of the novel "Nausea" because that's what I feel after trying to make sense of his dribble...
  2. welcome OSA, it's never easy to make this decision. but we get some really cool new additions to TLR
  3. hi ODN, much love for ya! that is all... thanks
  4. [quote name='Azaghul' timestamp='1319586386' post='2832316'] Since when does being sanctioned make an alliance a good alliance? Legion was sanctioned earlier this year too. [/quote] TLR too. just sayin'
  5. [quote name='berbers' timestamp='1319585966' post='2832314'] Maybe MEAT should stop thumping their chests about how great they were for the Maroon sphere, it should just be self-evident. Edit: Just sayin' [/quote] completely different scenario. MEAT is not an alliance. Edit: Just sayin'
  6. highest quality alliances typically don't have to point out how they are one of the highest quality alliances... just sayin'
  7. [quote name='Kzoppistan' timestamp='1319489204' post='2831717'] I like this guy. [/quote] we all do...
  8. Roll the DiCE, but not literally, or face the consequences! hails all around
  9. how quickly we fall... sad to see GATO, and I had such high hopes for... ...apparently... we're allied to GATO? when did this hap... WHAT? NPO too? what crazy CN is this? I mean o/ to our allies!
  10. good show, continuing to spread AID between allies. Need to see more of this on both sides turning into quite the Cash War, or Money Pit?
  11. reps are not solely for damages... reps should be a form of punishment as a result of an action... The 30m requested seems like it'd cover damages and be a slap on the wrist, a "nope, don't do that again, please, thankyou." The 6m offered was a slap in the face. If there is no punishment for the action, then the action is likely to occur in the future. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience.
  12. it could be a LOT of fun for the annexed. to hell with privacy! start to melt the enemy from within!
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