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Lone Star Republic Announcement


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The time has come for The Lone Star Republic to pay its debt to The Dark Templar for our freedom, which they have benevolently ensured, and for the protection they have bestowed upon our small alliance these past four months. The ideals of honor, courage, self-sacrifice, and loyalty are principles we hold above all else on Planet Bob and in The Lone Star Republic. The time has come to apply these principles to our current situation and come to the aid of our friends and brothers in The Dark Templar.

In the Spirit the Alamo and of all those who have laid their nations upon the altar of freedom, The Lone Star Republic hereby declares WAR on the alliance SSSW18.

Our charter has also been amended to read:

Section 4. The Lone Star Republic will deploy nuclear weapons if attacked by any means, but MAY also use them first in a offensive role.

Signed, on this, the 22nd day of April, Two Thousand Nine


Commander-in-Chief of The Lone Star Republic

tl;dr - Sometimes you have to back your brothers' play.

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Texas Fight, Texas Fight,

And it's goodbye to SSSW8.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight,

And we'll put over one more win.

Texas Fight, Texas Fight,

For it's Texas that we love best.

Give 'em hell Give 'em hell, make 'em eat $*%^

And it's good-bye to all the rest!

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