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  1. We stood by our allies, knowing what awaited. We didn't invent a fake treaty to avoid defending them.
  2. It's almost as if I can read a treaty web. Either that or I'm psychic. Lets go with the latter and prepare for my new found powers to be unleashed upon the Polarsphere.
  3. Certain alliances go wherever the winds of power take them. You should know that as a member of TOP. A good old cliché stagger insult as well. If we weren't so completely outnumbered you would have a good point.
  4. I honestly preferred "an attack on one..." to this fake treaty nonsense.
  5. Well I'm only a little old member so I wouldn't refer to me as NG herself. I normally wouldn't speak ill of "allies" but it's an insult to say Val are that anymore.
  6. Chaining in on oA to defend TOP. You could have at least pretended not to be cowards.
  7. Now that was a blitz worth waiting for! What little upper tier we left you with in hippy as well. Game over, gentlemen. Game over.
  8. u was almost #1

  9. [quote name='unruly' timestamp='1341555323' post='3004646'] 567 nations boldly attack 29 ... that does sounds like NG. For the record, I agree with the calculus of NG's tactician: one AGW Overlord is worth well more than 10 NG sheep. The gnashing will go on, and nukes will get tossed. Feel the glow. By the end, AGW'll have fewer pixels but honor intact. NG? not so much. TERMS OF SURRENDER [/quote] Nations in NG: 256 Total nations against us: 362 Our friends in Pacifica might be helping us on the steaming pile of crap aka GOD but you still have the numbers a little mixed up.
  10. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1338264263' post='2973942'] Meh. Not hard to gain stats through merging. I wouldn't put their total stats as credit to their competence. There's other examples you could use, but I don't feel like giving NG more props than needed. [/quote] I love how people try to put us down by saying things like "Not hard to gain stats through merging" when in reality we have the vast majority of CN (GOD included) beat on averages as well. It's not like a bunch of stats magically appeared when we merged either, the alliances that make up NG worked just as hard as any of you to acquire those stats originally. [quote]You have chosen to ignore all posts from: Rotavele.[/quote] Ignorance is bliss.
  11. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1337996060' post='2972538'] Maybe after next war they'll Voltron with any and every alliance that bears even the slightest resemblance to themselves and then get all smug about their stats before flip-flopping sides to avoid any risk of losing those stats. But I doubt it; character is something we've all come to expect from STA. [/quote] The alliances that make up NG are about as good a fit as any 5 you could possibly find in this world. In regards to losing stats I don't really know what to say other than asking if you have the faintest idea about who we are, but the answer is obviously not. Congratulations to STA anyway, you've always been honourable and loyal warriors, something I'm sure we can all respect.
  12. Saddening to see such a great alliance bow out but beautiful to be reunited with our brothers. The sound will be deafening when we roll out during the next war. o/ FOK
  13. [quote name='Tromp' timestamp='1335539981' post='2960101'] Showing your true colors here, great job! It's a shame this didn't happen earlier, but then again, that would have meant you wouldn't have been able to leech off the powers-that-be as much as you were able to. [/quote] Doing what's best for both our alliance and PB? What monsters!
  14. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1335524830' post='2960072'] Lol, I do not recall this. We destroyed our targets, and if we werent lifting up so heavily why did Doomhouse have to come in on us? Sparta was pre-empted and not really given any room to attack as well, but they brought BAPS and Olympus down to a huge extent (The ANS on BAPs fell from 100K to around 50K? IIRC) and so on. BAPS and Olympus were heavily pinned down as well so they had no room to really retaliate. Do not get me wrong either, I love my BAPS and Olympus friends, but im just being honest. EDIT: While im speaking with you, Its killing me to know why your signature has NG eating IRON and ODN? i can understand the MHA but not the other two? [/quote] On the last war I'm admittedly just going on hearsay as I paid little attention to MCXA's war effort but I've fought you in the past and going by hearsay it seems little has changed. In regards to Sparta did you see their top 5 prewar, they were a sight and BAPS bit the bullet in taking them down but it doesn't mean Sparta pulled their weight because they had some heavy tech nations who were always going to cause heavy damage in nukes alone. MHA, IRON and ODN are the next 3 alliances on the list to be absorbed into the glory that is NG. Seriously though, they were the 3 biggest members of the 3 biggest blocs other than PB at the time I made it. IRON are our bros.
  15. [quote name='Nobody Expects' timestamp='1335522590' post='2960066'] BAPS had the highest % Warslot usage of any alliance on either side of the last war when it was at its zenith. [/quote] I've had the pleasure of fighting BAPS before and along with Valhalla you guys are about the finest opponents I've faced. DR certainly packs a mighty punch.
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