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    MK War Stats

    Smaller nations tend not to have huge warchests and often need aid after a few rounds, absolute shocker. All this proves is that MK and Umb have the capability to feed over a billion in aid to our lower tier every single round and will be able to do so indefinitely.
  2. Looks like Fark do need help after all. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=224996 http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=207194 They might not anymore but Fark had 23 nations above 100k when this war began. They currently have 35 nations above 90k, we have 12.
  3. C'mon man, I know we're pretty good fighters but it is NEW who would need at least another 10mil NS to "level the playing field". We're fighting Fark, one of the most well respected high NS military alliances around, not UPN.
  4. So the bigger NEW grows the longer this war goes on? Considering neither side seems to care about losses that is extremely good news indeed.
  5. NEW started this war. They knew exactly where their path was leading and they decided to walk it anyway. To say they are fighting a defensive war is ludicrous.
  6. C'mon greenacres. I know you're upset about Derwood kicking you out but you don't have to troll every thread/blog posted on this war. They may not be our friends who attacked NEW but it would have meant slapping several of our very close friends in the face over the mistake of another friend. Derwood did what he honestly believed was the right thing to do. Either path available to him would have ended with some people upset. I think it's clear he made the right decision when the main opponents of the decision are people who could be described as enemies of PB. Everyone seems to be making out like NEW were attacked without provocation and PC/iFOK just decided not to honour a treaty because we're scared of losing infra.
  7. We didn't write the TPF NAP, they did right before they forced us to sign it. We also followed it to the letter and have it on good authority it was purposely written in that matter so they could do the same to us in reverse. And anyone calling us cowards can try being in our situation. In order to defend a friend over their own foolish mistake we would have had to slap our other friends in the face by attacking their friends when we weren't obligated to do so. We declared on Polar in the last war thinking it would mean us all going to ZI because that was a clear cut situation. Can you really not see the awful position ourselves and iFOK were put in? I think those criticizing us are either completely blind or just disappointed they don't get to see the people they hate the most blow each other apart.
  8. You smell Auin. :P

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