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Inspired Alliances: Chronicling International Examples of Courage and Leadership

General Specific

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Inspired Alliances: Chronicling International Leadership


The purpose of this catalog is to chronicle significant steps in alliance and bloc leadership at the international level.

The only criteria for inclusion here is that the policy must show leadership that articulates extra-alliance (aka international) principles beyond those regarding mutual aid and military aggression/defense.

The Grämlins Codex of War - The Grämlins


Regarding the conduct of War

Proclamation of Neutrality aka Declaration of Neutrality Pact: The Green Protection Agency


Writ de Credo: Order of the Black Rose


The Moldavi Doctrine: New Pacific Order


Regarding the New Pacific Order's sole alliance residency on the red sphere

The Revenge Doctrine: New Pacific Order


Rgarding the protection of unaligned nations residing on the red sphere

The ZI Peace Pact: VE, Ragnarok, STA, Darkfall, Monos Archein, The Revolution, Hyperion, OTF Alliance, Finnish Cooperation Organization, iFOK, Jade Confederacy, Wolfpack, International Protection Agency, UberCon, The Republic of Allied Defenses, Federation of Independent Sovereign Territories, Federation of Armed Nations, Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics, Christian Coalition of Countries, Vox Populi, The Order of Halsa, Dark Fist


Regarding nations sentenced to ZI, PZI and EZI

The Bus Doctrine: RAD, TCB and PC


Regarding the conduct of raiding on the pink sphere

The Prerogative of Vox Populi: Vox Populi


Regarding international conduct among nations and alliances

Yellow Number 5 (YN5): FAN and GOLD (defunct)


A policy that forbade raiding on the yellow trade sphere

The Dilber/Bilrow Doctrine: New Pacific Order and Grand Global Alliance (defunct)


Regarding the Senate control of the green sphere

With three years in view, surely there are many others I am missing.

I am posting this thread asking for your help. Should there be any confusion about what fits here, feel free to ask.

What I seek for inclusion are alliance and bloc policies/pacts that have extra-alliance consequences beyond the typical MADP or trading bloc. However, should a military bloc like WUT or tC or a trade bloc like BLEU or Agora have made similar steps in international leadership, please remind me and I will also include those here as well.

I also think a second section for individual leaders may be in order as a complementing chronicle, so threads like those on ZI recently started by Jerdge and WarriorConcept can be recognized.

I appreciate your continued help with this, as well as the still in-progress raiding and non-raiding alliance guide.

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A Soviet Attack, in reviewing your alliance credo, it certainly fits here. Does this have a public name, or should I list it as the High Seas Handbook on Liberian Buoyancy?

Oh wow, it sure is courageous and inspiring to push around those smaller than you.

Acts of courage and inspiration can be defined many ways. For this exercise, I am seeking alliances that take risks to make international statements in diplomatic matters. This does not mean I or anyone else has to agree with what all of these alliances are doing to participate here.

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I'd say that if we're talking profiles in courage there's a lot of Vox Populi writing left to be included. Some of our best works are actually in response to things others have done though, and not just announcements on policy.

I was thinking precisely this as I got into compiling these. Sometimes acts of courage like those sought here come in uncommon packaging. For examples, I see certain treaty cancellations also could fit here.... which makes this exercise somewhat problematic and perhaps possibly explains the lack of response. :awesome:

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Dilrow definitely has no place here. It took no inspired leadership whatsoever.

Love him or hate him, his doctrine absolutely belongs here. :)

I'd add TPF's latest declaration re: IC punishment meeting the crime, but the wording at present is so vague as to say nothing different from their past public announcements that I can distinguish. I'm open to being corrected.

Also, still looking for more examples from other leaders and alliances.

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Cool, FEAR is on here. We knew the ZI Peace Pact wasn't popular with some of our allies, and as much as we support and love our allies, we felt this fit us and our demeanor as a democratic, somewhat peaceful alliance. Ignoring world politics and doing what we thought was right, we signed it aware of the risks.

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