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Amazon Nation still going strong...

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What a great day to have a three month anniversary....

Anyhoo, the beginning of this month marks several happy occasions for the Amazon Nation.

We've seen our ups and downs already, mostly in the name of helping a couple friends launch their own creative pursuits in the form of their own alliances. Once the safe haven of our Amazonian territory was no longer needed, our membership and strength stabilized to the core membership and increasing strength we currently enjoy.


But wait, there's more!


We are also happy to announce our acceptance into NOIR! I only hope that the Amazon Nation's contributions to NOIR are productive and helpful. I have to give special thanks to our patient and kindly TSC diplomat ::smooch Omni:: for being my eyes and ears (and sounding board) throughout the process, and another special thanks to Ether and Apocalypse for their assistance, as well.

And last but certainly not least, you could even say that we saved the best for last. ;) The following stems from a friendship that began ...well, it's been so long, I don't exactly remember, but I've been pestering these guys for months now, at least. Some of you might have seen the announcement involving their new name and structure--however, what they don't know (aside from the fact that I eat Pokemon for that little snack you sometimes have to have at 1am between dinner and breakfast) is that I took over long enough to change them back to Apocalypse *just* so I could make this announcement. ;D

May I present to you:

The Doomsday Accords

A Mutual Defense Pact between the Amazon Nation and Apocalypse

The First Seal: Conquest

To strengthen the bond of friendship between Apocalypse and the Amazon Nation, to share mutually beneficial knowledge and information which will ensure the safety of either, to mutually and vehemently resist any outside aggression against either, we two sovereign Signatories hereby declare the following:

The Second Seal: War

Apocalypse and the Amazon Nation SHALL NOT engage in any aggressive action or declaration, or in any form of disrespect against each other via any media.

The Third Seal: Famine

Apocalypse and the Amazon Nation SHALL NOT withhold any information deemed necessary to the safety of either, and each shall share such information with the other willingly and promptly.

The Fourth Seal: Death

Aggression against one is henceforth considered as aggression against the other. In the event of an attack, each Signatory SHALL willingly and promptly offer the other diplomatic, economic and martial assistance to the fullest extent of each Signatory's capabilities.

The Fifth Seal: The Vision of Martyrs

Termination of this Pact SHALL NOT be initiated in the event either Signatory has suffered any act or threat of aggression within 72 hours of the time Notice of Intent to Terminate passes from one Signatory to the other via appropriate private channels.

The Sixth Seal: The Great Earthquake

Upon the unfortunate termination of this Pact, Apocalypse and the Amazon Nation SHALL be bound by the terms and conditions herein for an additional 72 hours beyond the time Notice of Intent to Terminate is received and acknowledged.

The Seventh Seal: Trumpets of the Angels

Apocalypse and the Amazon Nation are bound by the terms and conditions of this Pact immediately upon affixing the signatures of each.


Signed for the Amazon Nation:

Randalla, of The HiElands


Amarynth, of Caspysia

Council and Queen's Consort

Larethiel, of Havalas


Signed for Apocalypse:

Ghostlin, Wolf Emperor of Apocalypse

Yuurei, Horseman of Internal Affairs

Jewelangel, Rarely Angelic Horseman of Foreign Affairs

Pokeikon, Pacifist Horseman of War

Thanks to everyone who has made the past three months busy and entertaining, and for those of you who have attended our somewhat random and impromptu TartParties in #AzN.

And because even *I* don't want to go back through and read all of that:

AzN survives the 3 month mark and surpasses 100k NS.

AzN becomes a signatory of NOIR.

AzN signs MDP with Apocalypse.

((Link posted with gracious permission of the video's creator))

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