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  1. Edit... aww epic gravedig is not so epic since it's a year old
  2. Why was this on page 1? Delete pwease
  3. The ones I bolded came in to defend their friends. Reparations for what? Starting the war?! Bullsh.t. This is extortion at the grandest level. Edit, I forgot to bold them all.
  4. [quote name='Lord Brendan' timestamp='1300047933' post='2663270'] As with pretty much every other surrender terms including reparations ever, it is presumably implied that we will provide DT with a list of nations to send tech to. [/quote] Presumptions mean nothing. You should have specified; you didn't. [quote name='Lord Brendan' timestamp='1300063814' post='2663732'] "Spirit of the law" is an English idiom that refers to the intent of those who wrote the law. [/quote] "Loopholes" are another distinct feature of law. Call it immoral if you want, but you'll just have it thrown back i
  5. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1300045025' post='2663204'] #4b- If any nation fails to accept the aid package prior to expiration that tech will still be considered paid and removed from the tech total [/quote] Exactly. So go and fill up the slots of their inactive nations. The terms don't dictate a time period for this to be fulfilled so... take your time sending cash to nations that won't accept it.
  6. [quote]An apology; a written or spoken expression of one's regret, remorse, or sorrow[/quote] Perhaps you should change term 5 to a "forced statement" rather than "a formal apology". If DT have sense they will fill up the aid slots of inactive CSN and Legacy nations and wait for them, and their slots to be deleted.
  7. It looks long... I trust you have all in order so congratuliminations very much
  8. [quote name='neneko' timestamp='1299868266' post='2660073'] As a close ally to the bloc in question their presence in here makes a lot more sense than yours. [/quote] There's a standard admission seat to the peanut gallery buddy. ...Xiphosis
  9. [quote name='Jack Shepard' timestamp='1296565287' post='2614601'] We meant to ask about that... The image that you sent to Cheezy to show the 'vote': Just how exactly did you get 11 votes onto that puppy when the topic only has 8 views? [/quote] Of course it's a forgery. I did what I had to do. In truth, last I checked the vote was 9:1 in favour, any of the others will confirm that. [quote name='Bordiga' timestamp='1296571673' post='2614649'] Another tall tale. The largest warchest in the alliance was just over 1 billion, belonging to a nation in peace mode with 60,000 NS. Your lar
  10. [quote name='Nova Blue' timestamp='1296564208' post='2614593'] After we Blitzed you, we had trouble finding Nations that didn't go hiding into PM, and the ones that we did manage to engage hardly put up a fight (though a VERY seldct few of you did manage to actually give a damn and fight, so my hats off to them). [/quote] Haha, and why should we just let you hit our nations? [quote]I have ordered half of our reserves in. It will take a few days for them to engage due to peace mode game mechanics. I focused on BN, for the most part. The should be joining about the 2nd. [/quote] From W
  11. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1296559556' post='2614560'] I would echo this, but he went from UBD...to an alliance that did the same thing. [/quote] You mean an alliance that gave everything it had in it's war, an alliance that utterly exhausted it's military after being attacked by how many alliances? Last night before I logged out, I asked my members in the Directorate if they would accept peace with conditions. I received an outstanding no response and thus my mandate as an Executive Director was clear. No peace with conditions until our military was spent. My name is not up there bec
  12. [quote name='Port Royale' timestamp='1296536823' post='2614025'] For United Blue Directorate, Russell07, Executive Director Slybomber, Executive Director [/quote] Shame on you two. Shame shame shame. You have my resignation in protest to this farce. Adieu.
  13. [quote name='Owned-You' timestamp='1296272419' post='2608425'] [font="Tahoma"]You make a series of claims that are disingenuous at best and outright lies at worst. Your claims, being that somehow Pacifica has reformed itself into a new entity preaching peace, fairness, and growth...What evidence do you have to back this assertion up? [/quote] Right, so they're guilty of a crime until proven innocent. I see how that works.
  14. [quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1296388784' post='2611029'] The treaty chain here is a bit on the crazy side. To follow it. iFOK declares on NpO; TIO hits iFOK for NpO; SLCB hits TIO for iFOK; TCU hits SLCB for TIO; The International (citing an MADP with others defending SLCB) hits TCU for SLCB; THL hits The International for TCU; NEAT hits THL for The International; UBD hits NEAT for THL. And now this. TCU has already surrendered btw, so there's actually no longer any treaty chain back to the original iFOK war. Oh well. I like you guys, but you wound up on the wrong side here.
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