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Out with the Old...

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It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Apocalypse is no more. We have been sorta dragging our butts in a sense of heavy depression for a while, and while it's been fun, it sorta seems like a chore. So, we decided to go with something more light and bubbly with our future endeavors. With the death of Apocalypse, we'd like to announce we're changing our name to Gotta Catch Them All!

GTCA will be an alliance here to change the cyberverse into a more kid friendly place with happy little pocket monsters. There will be duels, but mostly our Pickachus versus Squirtles. Here is the charter for the new alliance:


Gotta Catch Them All is devoted to finding small monsters and making them fight for us. We also like mudkips. A lot. We are a whatever color team goes with with Ghostlin's psyduck colored alliance.

We are here to bring the glory of Pokemonism to CN and spread it amongst Planet Bob.

Core Values of GCTA

Pokemon: We like Pokemon. So everyone has to have a favorite Pokemon. Now.

Catching Things: Sorta the point here, no?

Unity: We are united in catching things. Espically Eevie, because the little @#!#$ can be hard to catch.

Article I: Membership

Section 1 – Admission

To apply for membership in GTCA, your nation must not be in any wars, belong to another alliance, or have an offensive bio/nation/ruler name. Nations may not be admitted while Apocalypse is at war without universal approval by the League Champion.

Section 2 – Expulsion

Any member nation who violates the charter or the spirit of GTCA will be expelled, and have their prize Pokemon taken away at the discretion of the Gym Leader of Hoenn and Lucario and risk being sentenced to ZI. The League Champion may veto expulsions, if necessary and either the Lucario or the Gym Leader of Hoenn is found to be abusing this power.

Section 3 - Pride in Your Colors

Upon being admitted, the member nation has 7 days to switch to what ever looks best with the League Champion's Psyduck, determined on weather patterns, lunar esclipses and whatever treaties are signed. Extensions and exceptions are never allowed.

Article II: Government

Section 1 –The Elite Four

The Elite Four

There are four leadership positions, the first being the League Champion, with the others divided up in the areas of the Gym Leaders of Johto, Kanto and Hoenn.

League Champion

The League Champion oversees the Gym Leaders and Pokemon in their work, and makes final say in polices and decisions of the affairs of Apocalypse. Their direction leads the alliance, and they are expected to be a servant and member of the alliance as well as a ruler. They are the final authority and can veto or override decisions made by the Gym Leaders.

In case of an emergency and the League Champion cannot be reached, the Gym Leaders must have a Pokemon duel to determine which of them can lead. Challenging the League Champion to a duel is also the only other legal way to remove him.

Gym Leader of Hoenn

It is the responsibility of the Gym Leader of Hoenn to guide the alliance in all domestic affairs. They will lead the member nations to greater strength and unity through instituted programs of his design. Should any member nation violate the Charter or the spirit of the alliance, the Gym Leader is granted the power to expel said member.

Gym Leader of Kanto

The Gym Leader of Kanto is responsible for all foreign affairs of GCTA. It is their duty to represent Apocalypse in a superb manner, reflecting its positions and policies to all other alliances and the citizens of Digiterra. The Horseman of Foreign Affairs will appoint emissaries to help further relations with other alliances.

Gym Leader of Johto

The Gym Leader of Johto's responsibility is to organize the companies of GCTA. They must ensure their preparedness and organization for any military conflict. If a member wishes to attack another nation, they must get authorization from the Gym Leader of Johto before they are allowed to do so.

Terms and Removal

A leader can only be removed via a Pokemon duel. Enough said.

Section 2 - Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon will be voted on by the general body of Pokemon of GCTA every two months. Whoever receives majority vote, will win the position. They can also be removed from office by a Pokemon duel.


Moltres's responsibility is to bolster the ranks of the alliance. He shall appoint recruiters to aid him in the search for new members. It is also the job of the Moltres to recommend potential applicants to the alliance, seeing whether they are fit to join GTCA.


Articuno manages all the financial duties of the alliance. It is his job to organize trades, foreign aid, growth programs, and tech deals to ensure rapid growth and military readiness.


Lugia's responsible for running Apocalypse's training academy. With Lugia's guidance, GTCA's new nations will promptly learn the ways of warfare, economics, and government.


Lucario will make sure the laws of the alliance are held by every member. Should a member nation break the rules outlined in the charter, Lucario, with assistance from the Gym Leader of Hoenn, will enforce a punishment deemed necessary.

Article III: War and Peace

Section 1 – War

While GCTA will seek diplomatic resolutions first, the alliance will always be prepared for war or a Pokemon battle. Our full Pokemon groups or military strength will be used in dealing with the offending nation or alliance. GCTA will go to war with the approval of the League Champion or which ever Gym Leader's won the last duel.

Section 2 - Foreign Influence

No foreign power or conquering enemy can force GCTA to pay any demands in surrender terms, excepting monetary and technological reparations. Members will not be expelled. This charter will remain in the same state it was before entering war. GTCA will respect these policies when offering surrender terms. Plus, you're not allowed to throw Pokeballs at our Pokemon. That's stealing.

Section 3 – Raiding

Under no circumstances may a member of GCTA attack any unaligned nation for selfish reasons, and promise not to take your Pikachu. We reserve the right to practice military drills on targets, but will reimburse for all the damages and stress that have been caused. Any wars will be approved by the Gym Leader of Johto.

Article IV: Policies

Section 1 - War Aid

In general, a Pokemon of GCTA will not send aid to a foreign nation involved in an alliance war. Any member who sends such aid without the proper authorization from the Horsemen will be expelled with the approval of the Gym Leaders and may be sentenced to ZI and have their Pokemon taken from them.

Section 2 – Spying

The use of the in game spy function will only be allowed during wartime, and only on the alliance opposing GTCA. GTCA does not condone spying by infiltration of an alliance in any circumstances. Any nation of GCTA who spies without the proper authorization from the Horsemen will be immediately expelled and may receive a sentence of ZI.

Section 3 – Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons will only be used in retaliation for a nuclear attack against GTCA, when authorized by the Gym Leader of Johto. Any nation of GTCA who fires a nuclear weapon without the proper authorization will be expelled by the Gym Leaders, and may receive a sentence of ZI. Nuclear weapons shall also be referred to as Hyper Beams.

Section 4 – Ghosting

Any nation who is not a member of GCTA caught using GTCA's alliance affiliation will have war declared upon them unless they remove the alliance affiliation in a timely manner. Any damages caused by a non-member will be paid by said non-member upon threat of ZI.

Section 5- Mergers and Disbandment

GCTA will only accept merger proposals and/or disband the alliance if the other alliance can win a Pokemon battle with them.

Section 6- ZI

GCTA does not believe in permanent or eternal ZI. Deleting other people's save games is uncool. The practice of ZI will always be used as the harshest form of punishment someone will receive at the hands of GCTA.

Section 7- Deities

GCTA is responsible for bring Pokemonism to the masses. Hence, they are the bearers of all things Pokemon.

Article V: Amendments

Any and all amendments to the Charter of GCTA are made with approval of the League Champion. Their will is the will of the alliance, and as such, this charter can be amended at any time for any reason.

We'd like to thank our newest member, Lirpa Sloof, for helping us make the changeover. You can thank Lirpa Sloof as well, because without her, this wouldn't be possible.

tl;dr: I wanna be the very best

like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land

searching far and wide

Each pokemon to understand

the power that's inside

Pokemon! its you and me

I know its my destiny,

Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend

in a world we must defend

Pokemon! a heart so true

Our courage will pull us through,

You teach me and I'll teach you,

Pokemon! gotto catch'em all

Every challenge allong the way

with courage I will face.

I will battle every day

to claim my rightful place.

Come with me,

the time is right,

there's no better team.

Arm in arm we'll win the fight!

It's always been our dream!

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Someone quick make a Team Rocket Alliance, and declare war.

We will oppose Team Rocket with all of our might. Especially since they speak in rhyming couplets.

^^^^ On it!

Hehehe, not really, I'm on a cruise ship, too busy dueling mean sailors and gentlemen in the kitchen!

So, you're duelling Nemesis and GR members ALREADY? Wow.

Edited by Ghostlin
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GTCA will be an alliance here to change the cyberverse into a more kid friendly place with happy little pocket monsters. There will be duels, but mostly our Pickachus versus Squirtles. Here is the charter for the new alliance:

typo :o

lol love the theme!


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