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  1. I demand more blogs, you've had a year off.

  2. Hrm. It's not like NPO ever threatened anyone over having members in peace mode...something about not freeing their passion or anything....oh, wait.. Do you guys ever realize your own medicine's very bitter?
  3. If he was 'silent', it means he wasn't allowed to speak. Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but you can't lead an alliance if your too mute to give out commands. 'Watchman' means, well, he was watching. Probably from a distance. Now, if you need any other classic definitions for any other basic English terms, I'd be happy to assist. Solidus: I certainly hope Echelon has better things to do than defend this drek.
  4. Why did you stop doing bloc entries? :P I quite enjoyed your interviews! ;)

  5. "Where I came from"? I came from the same place as you, Slayer, fark.com. Or didn't you read the whole interview? One might say that your actions in UjW are exactly what we could have expected out of you considering your TF shens. But then you do constantly step in these 1-finger-forward-3-pointing-back arguments. Schatt, Slayer-- Know that I appreciate the amount of attention you're garnering for my blog and I'm greatly pleased all sides of CN are reading this. That said, do me a favor please and if you must have have an argument, UjP or otherwise, either keep it minus the attacks against each other OR keep it elsewhere. Thanks! Ghost
  6. (Ghostlin's note: this is the interview with Nintederek. I will have more, but I close the house soon OOC so I won't be really available. I may send out questionnaires if I have time and write a cute companion piece to this.) 1) Tell my readers where you have been in CN. Well, I've been a lot of places, so I'll just copy and paste what I usually tell people. My CN career started 900 something days ago. I was recruited on a certain other game which recently came out with a sequel by Ivan Moldovi himself, who pretty much went to every area on that game and tried to get everyone there to play CN in a giant mass recruitment message. I happened to have read this message on the forums and came straight here. I told my friends about it, who signed up as Zocane and Kasmage. They started to pay attention to the CN politics. I didn't, I was inactive for a year, just collecting and paying, while they were off becoming big shots and stopping president Jalen. Eventually I joined some maroon alliance for a week, right before GW2, but I didn't pay that much attention to who, and their forums didn't work for me, so I left pretty much left right away. Stayed inactive for a while. Got raided some and went into peace mode. Screwed up my nation's economy permanently, and finally joined GOLD. I was there for about 6 months. I got into the Security Council after begging Varses for a government position for a LONG time, and then GOLD disbanded and so I tried to found my own alliance, failed miserably which makes me ROFL to this day and so ROFL merged into Purge. I was not ready for my own alliance obviously and was still kinda a noob to CN. My biggest achievement while in ROFL thought was getting Schattenmann out of an IRON PoW camp, and I think things would be very different for me today and for a lot of people today had I not done that. So we merged into Purge, had some laughs, had some fun, eventually got couped by our protectors and so the Purge Imperium was formed, was short lived and so I followed my friend Schattenmann to Browncoats, our first ToA partner back when we were in ROFL and we had some fun there, started a bloc and then a fake war. The Shadow Conspiracy was eventually founded out and so I was forced to leave BC. I took a break for a while, went to SOAP and found out how faulty it's charter was, tried to fix it but couldn't because of inactivity, so I left, joined APP for a day, maybe 2, then saw Vox was formed and so I left APP to join Vox and have been there annoying everyone ever since. 2) While you spoke on Manic Monday, you weren't a direct part of the posts of leaving. You had a stable enough position of SOAP, who did later disband. My question to you is, and I think many others echo it, is why did you leave security to join Vox? What were you thinking? I've never been asked this question before, but it's a very good question. And I must admit, I'm impressed at how much you know about me. Anyway, I have many reasons. First off, I didn't go directly to Vox from SOAP. I went to APP for about 2 days first off, which was a small alliance that didn't last very long because recruitment sucked. But I left SOAP for 3 good reasons. One was that it was a very instable alliance. Government members would leave with out checking in for months at a time, and then when I finally confronted one of them about it, they got all pissy at me and left just because of it, only to come back after I left because they hated me. A lot of them thought I was too hard on them, but I was just trying to teach them the basics and they didn't get it. Nobody but me and TCO were active, and most of the government was power hungry, which shouldn't surprise anyone. The only reason SOAP was founded was because TCO and America wanted to say they were government in an alliance pretty much. So that was a major problem, especially since I was the only person there who knew ANYTHING about other alliances. TCO and America knew a bit, but most of the rest of the people there were people who hadn't played CN long and just joined after TCO recruited them in RL. I also didn't like some of their allies, like Valhalla for instance. I liked Mhawk enough, and that was about it, and even he wasn't my favorite person in the world IC, although he was cool enough to help us catch a spy. Lastly, I did tend to post my opinion on the CN forums a lot, and it tended to not agree with my allies opinions, and so part of the time I felt like I was putting SOAP in danger just by being there. I was once even accused of trying to coup SOAP, which I would never do, TCO and America are some of my best friends in CN OOC. Anyway, I would have left SOAP had Vox been founded or not. It just so happens that Vox was formed two days later and I left APP for Vox, and I don't regret that decision. I knew a lot of the people who helped found Vox. RV and Starfox were friends from #cnpolitics, well, kinda. Schattenmann I've been in three different alliances with, and I helped get him off of his PoW list, so of course I knew him. Kingsrqt I actually have added on my facebook, and well, it was just the right cause. I believed in many of the things they believed in. It seemed like a perfect match, and Perma ZI is honestly one of the best things to happen to me in my CN career. I no longer have to fear if my alliance might be attacked for my actions. I no longer have to run a full government by myself, which I've had to do more then once. So yeah, I'm sorry if my answer was long, but it's the truth. 3) Tell me what you think really is the cornerstone of Vox ideology, and why is Vox responsible to bring it to the people? Well, in my opinion, the cornerstone of the Vox ideology is thinking of the people and the game before ourselves. We don't perma ZI because we know it is helping to kill off the game. We realize this is just a game. We aren't really rulers of huge nations out to kill each other. We are guys behind the computer screen playing a game where we RP as a ruler. Other people play this game and help make it fun, and the game isn't as fun with out those other people. So I guess you could say that's the cornerstone of the ideology. 4) Some people scoff at Vox and say it is a dying revolution. What would you say to them? They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. What other revolution has done as much as Vox has? You can enter almost any thread these days, and in half the threads on the OWF, Vox discussion has started, most of the time we aren't even the ones who started it. People still mention us all the time in topics that sometimes we didn't even post in. And want to know the funny part? It's those same people who say we are a dying revolution which are helping to keep us alive. 5) FAN, Vox and OcUK just declared themselves allied to each other. Do you think these entities really have anything in common besides their hatred of the hegemony and do you think that's enough to keep them together? Well, I'll admit, we originally thought we should sign the treaty for that reason and that reason only, but then we got to know FAN some, and they are really cool guys and I personally have a lot of respect for them, as an Ex-GOLD member, as a Vox member and just as a general CN player. I also know an Ex-FANer or two, including one gal who helped introduce me to the game back in GOLD. So personally, it's also a mutual respect. We haven't gotten to know OcUK as well yet, but I look forward to working with them, and they seem like a nice bunch of people with common goals. I just wish there were more alliances we could have put on the treaty. 6) Tomorrow: tC somehow falls, and the hegemony is splintered. What do you think Vox would do then? Well, personally I wouldn't mind if we stayed together. I like pretty much everyone in Vox. I have great respect for Schattenmann and always enjoy being in his alliance. Starfox is almost my CN hero, and I honestly think he's the best player in the game. Dotizel is a great guy, I have a lot of respect for him, and he knows what he's doing unlike half of CN these days. Then there's Moridin and Gatherum who are always on IRC and always good to start a conversation with. We also recently gained President Kent, whom is an old NADCer who I think is a great addition for Vox, or will be once he completely catches up on his history since he's missed a couple of months. Overall, I like Vox and wouldn't mind us staying an alliance. That being said, I happen to know we would most likely disband, because that's what many of the other Vox members have said, and I understand why. So, overall, you never know what could happen, and if that does happen we would have to find out then. 7) If you could get off the ZI lists and conduct a normal CN life, where would you go? I wouldn't get off the ZI lists, I would just stay in peace mode. Perma ZI is one of the best things to ever happen to me in my CN career, I can finally cay what ever I want on the forums and argue with people like Dilber and Derekjones and B&T and people I would never have dreamed I would find myself arguing with, just because I had to keep my big mouth closed. But if I had to pick, I would probably go to FAN and help them rebuild. Either that or MK, since they have a good Nintendo theme going on and I like that. I would consider Gremlins, but my NS probably wouldn't quite be high enough for them. RoK might even be a consideration, since I get along with a big portion of those people, but the other portion of the alliance pretty much hates me, so we would just have to see what happens. STA would also be an option, because Tyga is awesome and they actually give a crap about their treaties. Heck, I might even try to start my own alliance, although I doubt it would go very far. I really don't know. 8) In your opinion, what are the best and worst things about CN today? The best thing about CN today is Vox Populi for sure. But if I had to pick something other then my alliance, I would say some of the personalities. You just take all the personality here on Planet Bob and put it together, and I think the world would blow up. It all goes together so perfectly, and some of these people you wouldn't even have to look who posted something to know automatically who did, which is awesome. The worst thing is the global hedgomy for sure. We have people acting as the mods when they just plain aren't. Perma ZI is bad like that. We also have insults being thrown around constantly, and people in the global hedgomy can get away with a lot more in general then people outside of it, a good example of this is when Zhadum told Doitzel to go die. That's just plain wrong, and had I done it and said it to someone in NPO, I would have been Perma ZIed for sure. 9) If you could say something to your enemies in a rational forum, what would it be? Why? That's it really. Why? That's all that would need to be said. Why do they think this is right. Why do they continue to do it. Why force players out of the game? Why threaten, why OOC attack and then cry like a baby when the OOC attacks are aimed at you. Why say Vox isn't a threat when it clearly is? So, that's all that would needed to be said. That one word, "why?" 10) Anything else you'd like to share? In case you anyone is wondering, you have not heard the last of Vox this week. Pay attention to the forums this Wednesday and you'll see our most epic announcement yet. Don't expect anything like a war movement or disbandment or anything like this, it's just an announcement, but it's one heck of an epic announcement. Also, hello
  7. I can't wait to see your next blog entry

  8. I try to get to know folks and do a little research before I jump into them. I appreciate you being interviewed, it helped a lot. Thanks again! Ghosty
  9. Helping the Emperor move out of his palace into Ghostlin into a new palace, I thought I had my interviews pretty set up and ready to go. Oh f--k. He broke the china. Idiot. I made a mad phone call to my interviews, hoping we could do lunch and dinner in a nice restaurant in Ghostlin that specializes in Italian cuisine, then I charged the tickets and the bill to the emperor's exp--personal credit card, of course. My first interview was with a government member of a recently created confederation of nations, Pendulum. Coming from a similar confederation myself, Apocalypse, we soon got chatting to business: 1) Tell my readers where you’ve been in CN. Well, I started my days in the Blue turtle Alliance, under the wing of Master-Debater, and the NAAC. Foolowing a failed attempt at starting my own aloliance, I returned to BTA just in time for GWIII and found myself as MD's #2 going into surrender negotiations. Following the disbandment and reformation of BTA into TAB, I spent 8 months at the helm before going on an extended hiatus, which took me to great alliances MHA, RoK and the STA. All three were amazing groups of people, but I still aspired to create my own alliance, and after the failure of Arctica and my return to TAB, I joined BlackjackCF and Nevsky to form Pendulum - my first movement from the Aqua team since January 07. 2) Pendulum is rather an interesting shift from TAB. I noticed, like some, certain influencial figures leaving TAB. Was there a particular reason for this shift? I think that this was just the result of several prominent figures sharing the ambition as myself. As Pendulum, we have no animosity towards TAB, and some TAB members were a great help with the oiriginal construction of our forums. 3) What are you finding to be the hardest thing about being in a new alliance? Recruiting has always been a difficult part of growing a new alliance, but we're working through that with the hard work our membership has been putting in. 4) If you could sum up your goals for Pendulum, what would they be? We're working towards our next short term goal of 500k NS, coupled with a membership goal of 50 members. 5) Many folks say there are too many alliances already. What would you say to them? As long as the total nation count grows, the alliance count will grow. That's simple math. CN may be overcrowded, but it just hardens our resolve to grow out of the"small alliance" label. 6) What do you find to be the best and worst things about CN? The best is certainly the talent we see here in CN. Strong leader, tactitians and economists have paved the way for this game to be so strongly contested. The worst, in my opinion, is the lack of an organised opposition, like we saw when the League/Initiative conflicts were at their peak. Keeps the game interesting. 7) If you could discuss with your enemies, former and current in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them? I've never really had any true enemies in CN. Sure, I've fought alliance wars, but 99% of the time, it's respectful and fun. I would have voiced my support for Ivan during his "coup" of Moo though. 8) If you could be certain of someone saying ‘yes’, and the decision was solely yours, who would you sign a treaty with and why? MK and STA. Two great examples of alliances with strong leaders and a true notion of honour. Both were decimated while honouring treaties, fully aware of the consequences. 9) Where do you see yourself in a year? Pendulum? I'd hopefully see myself still with Pendulum, having seen it grow and become bigger and stronger. Can't hope for much more than that. 10) Anything else you’d like us to know? Well, BTA didn't fake an ODP to fight in GWIII. It existed wink.gif After that meal, I got rid of my lunch date, and then picked up my dinner date. I hadn't gotten this much action since I had two proms in high school. Anyhow, it was a member of the Veridian Entente, which I think means green sun or something like that. Closing my eyes to the disturbing nuclear imagery, I sat down with Morey 2K7, and hope that last dish didn't have too much garlic: 1) Tell my readers where you’ve been in CN. I haven't really been that far in VE, my time in CN has only been spent with 2 alliances and the number is only 2 as my old alliance merged into my current alliance. Argo was the alliance I joined within 5 minutes of my nations creation, and is where I began moving up the ranks in the finance department, then to 2nd in command and then eventually leader of Argo. I served consistenly in Argo government for over a year and was one of the longest seving members. 2) So, having been in an alliance that merged into a larger alliance, how much culture shock was there from ArGo to VE? To be honest, there was not much of a culture shock between the 2 alliances, and the only shock most of us got was joining an alliance that had a much more active community than Argo. Argo and VE were essentially brothers, so even before the merge we knew each other very well so most of us knew what to expect. What I have found in joining an alliance that now has around 400 members, is that you find a lot more conflicting ideologies in discussions, which in a way is more fun as you get into more lengthy debates. 3) Some alliances would say that VE is threatening their alliance security by the creation of the ZI peace pact. Do you agree with this statement, and what would you say to those folks? I would not say it threatens our alliance security but more of us making a statement of our ideals. It has shown the rest of Planet Bob we don't just go along with everyone else as of course not all our allies were pleased with the pact, but we worked around it and have not lost any allies because of it. I must admit I expected a greater impact, and was envisioning alot more alliances to sign the pact, however we cannot force other alliances hand and our own policy is now known by all. 4) If you could choose to join another alliance, who would it be and why? hmm, I've never actually thought about this since joining VE, as when in Argo most of us would say if I was to leave Argo I would join VE. Now of course i'm there. If I was to choose though I would probably say GOD, they have a strong commitment to there members and allies and it is always something that appeals to me in an alliance. They have the government who know what they are doing and do not allow themselves to be pushed around. 5) What do you find to be the best and worst things about CN? The best thing about CN is the politics, its not always really interesting stuff but now and then situations will come along and it suddenly makes things interesting again. It is probably why CN has been so successful in the political climate the community has developed, and so as a community we have taken the game past just the in game mechanics. The worst thing, hmm, finding trades. Nothing worse than waking up to find a trade partner deleted or someone cancelled on you and knowing you have to know go on the hunt for a new trade partner. 6) What, in your opinion, makes VE a unique alliance? What stands out in VE is its tight community, I noticed it immediately upon joining and we really have a family like feel. Over the time of our existence we have earnt the respect of the majority of Planet Bob, and that at times is a hard thing to achieve here. 7) If you were to predict in a crystal ball which bloc would dissolve next, who would it be and why? I've always said that tC would dissolve, merely because I have always believed that bringing so many alliances together, who before tC I hadn't considered to be bloc partners, is bound to cause rifts once in while. All the credit to tC though as they are still going strong and obviously doing something right. 8) How do you personally feel about the current global climate? How does VE fit into their role in the global climate, in your opinion? The global climate currently is moving into the dull phase, after the last war a lot of alliances are under surrender terms but when these end it could be interesting to see what happens (will 2 sides form again in Bob?). There isn't really a lot for VE to fall into in the current climate, as it appears to be very little problems occurring atm. 9) If you could discuss with your enemies, former and current in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them? At LoFN: Your downfall was associating yourself with Walford. (Only alliance(s) I can consider as enemy really) 10) Anything else you’d like us to know? Random Fact: The Green Solidatory Act signed prior to the GCW actually still existed between Argo and Gramlins until Gramlins moved to Aqua team. This was actually realised in UJA talks. OOC: Sorry for the publication delay. I have been insanely busy and it's going to get worse, considering I'm moving in RL. Thanks to my interveiwed. Those of you that have signed up for interviews, I've not forgotten, I'll slate you for next. Take you time, but be advised their may be a delay in publication.
  10. The approach was by helicopter. I had wondered why exactly by helicopter, but looking over the landscape that was 'changed' since the War against the Continuum, there didn't seem enough to have two pylons on top of each other. The helicopter landed, and I had wondered, if Vox Populi had enough time and money to broadcast their propaganda, couldn't they have rebuilt at the very least log cabins? Lean-tos? Something? I did notice one forboding tower, which had escaped bombardment and went over my notes again. Schattenmann was infamous, espically the stunt where he committed suicide and then came back from the dead. "Hell," I mused as I got out, "sounds like this guy missed his chance. He shouldn't of helped start a revolution, but rather a religion." I was then escorted in. The place was drafty, but as we shook hands, my gracious host offered me brandy. I then got down to business. 1) Tell me about a little above where you’ve been in CN. A lot of my readers know your story, but reiterate it for those who don’t know. I created my nation on the Fark.com greenlight, but I didn't read the accompanying thread so I didn't know there was a Fark alliance and didn't join. I "played" unaligned from then until August just before the Unjust War when I joined GOONS. Before I joined GOONS I was so ignorant I thought you could only buy 190 infra per day, I never bought tech because it was too expensive, and I never read the forums at all, and I had no inkling of the game's political complexities until GOONS got attacked. I was still in the Lemonparty academy where we didn't have squads, so Mayki and In_Spades, who were also in academy, organized some and we fought for a few weeks; the only enemies I remember are Shahenshah and Sunstar who've both made a lot of progress politically in IRON and ODN since then (Sunstar still has our battle reports--nerd tongue.gif ). After Slayer ran out of money and GOONS wouldn't give him any things got ugly for GOONS on the CN forums over Error404's idiocy. Crapolia attacked Slayer with a reason like "Here's your 18 mil" and Alastor told everyone to get out while they could, so, CN veteran expert that I was, I went to the Alliances forum and applied at the first alliance at the top of the forum: ROFL. ROFL was this result of the GOLD disbandment (or whatever happened to them after NPO stomped them) and they made me Minister of War since I had this war guide. DarkMistress had sort of half-released me to ROFL but was still keeping me as a PoW and since the end of the war I had started posting on the forums a lot more. One day I read this idiotic thread about ~ so I started hailing this little Duncan King alliance ICON that bandwagoned me and saying that ICON was better than IRON since the ICON bandwagoner anarchied me before IRON. Thats the first time alliances started threatening to ZI me if I didn't shut up and as you might guess it's never worked since. ROFL grew to about 15 before we merged with Purge 2.0 which was also pretty much a result of GOLD's disbandment. UberSpion and a bunch of malcontents left over the merger so I ended up Minister of War in Purge too. TPF was Purge's protector and they didn't like that Oreo had sent 3 mil to Starfox while he was fighting Rebel_Virginia, so he started trying to impose a viceroy on Purge. One triumvir, Comrade_Korey, went nuke rogue then and spammed Purge to disband, but Slayer promised to ZI anyone that left the Purge AA so myself and the MoFA, Kharn, made a new forum and spammed everyone not to leave. Then on the night that GPA got attacked I was drunk and when DarkMistress justified IRON's involvement in the war by saying "we're just following our treaty" I said "I heard that at Nuremburg" and that got turned into "Schattenmann called DarkMistress a NAZI." Well, TPF dropped our treaty likkety-split and our nukes started getting spied away so I disbanded Purge--after all the point was for the members not to get attacked. I haven't had a drop while on the forums or IRC since, and DarkMistress and I play nice now (I think she's hot don't tell her though) After Purge, I joined Browncoats because I've got a manboner for ChairmanHal and he was Prime Minister there. I figured on just taking a vacation there and going back to login-taxes-infra-collect-logout, but one day I noticed that CIS had sanctioned banned member on Black, so I went to the Black Conclave forum and raised holy Hell about it and generally pissed all in CIS's Cheerios until they threatened Browncoats with war because I was right and they couldn't make me shut up; they were especially pissed when I posted this smarmy fake apology about it instead of a real one. It got really awesome when CIS's ally Obsidian announced they were going to run a second bloc senator while I was suspended from the Conclave forum. Obsidian's guy elborrador trolled me in the announcement so since I couldn't post I spammed the entire Obsidian alliance to vote for OBR's senator and the goofballs actually did it. A couple weeks later I was elected Browncoats Minister of Foreign Affairs (I was tired of Defense) a few weeks before the GATO war. GATO were royal morons about the UPS bloc and senate seats, and hadn't told any of their allies that they'd breached their surrender terms, so I cancelled our UPS signature a few days before we knew they were going to get attacked. However, we were still going to get dragged into the war due to our MDP with IAA, so along with Zzzptm, BDC's President, I devised the infamous Shadow Conspiracy which you can read all about on the CN wiki. After a couple weeks on BDC's PZI list I joined TOP. I had never been in an alliance that was tied into the MDP web like TOP, and I didn't know jack about TOP itself. I just got off th PZI list then thought "what alliance have I never trolled and has a lot of GOONS in it?" Biggity-bam, TOP. I had fun in TOP, but they've got a very dichotomized government and membership, and in the end it was better for me to leave than continually butt heads with the conservatives. At the time I left TOP, I was generally over CyberNations altogether. GOONS had disbanded a couple weeks earlier and I looked around and decided I really had nothing and no one left to play for, so I posted a goodbye thread on Manic Monday (which is also on the CN wiki); however, I had active aids so I had to wai 10 days to actually delete. 2 days after I deleted, some jokers attacked Hyperion and some other jokers who were too afraid to use their CBs for the past year suddenly grew the guts to attack NpO. I wanted to troll the war, so I made another nation, and then I got asked by Doitzel or Starfox (or both) to sign this Vox Populi thing they were doing--it was going to be this all-stars goodbye world tour of trolling so I said "Hell yeah." Boom. Welcome to the present. 2) You made a memorable goodbye thread and now you’re in Vox. What made you decide to come back to CN after Black Monday? Oh I guess I should have read all the questions before I started. See above. When I deleted my nation I was placed in the banned members mask, so I couldn't post, then the war happened and I wanted to screw around on the forums while they were fighting, so I created a new nation and commenced PMing mods I saw in the last active users list like a madman to unban me because I was so anxious to get in on the action; I think I PMed Justitia, Callahan, Atlas (newb mod couldn't unban me but I love him), and one or two others. PMing mods is hilarious I love them. 3) Some would say the side of the war Vox fought on was as equally guilty as the Pacifica side whom you fight against rhetorically and weapon wise. What would you say to them? I guess by "rhetorically" you mean in terms of the past actions and affiliations of our more visible members like Doitzel, electron_sponge and others (some have named me but I was never in a position to affect or effect much); my mask on GOONS's ooc forum was even reduced after some goon in TOP posted that I was "helping electron_sponge" (you'll note e_s joined after we formed like everyone else so technically he was helping me). I say that's retarded on its face. e_s and Doitzel played very large roles in creating the atmosphere of CN--a year ago. Doitzel and e_s did a 180 and started trying to dismantle the current atmosphere--this year. Everyone that formed Vox Populi and everyone that joined after made an abot-face or vocalized how they had always felt. I always felt that the way things were done after UjW are bollocks and said so, e_s and Doitzel looked at what the fruits of their labour are and changed their mentality and actions. As for our weaponry, we are availed of the same weapons that our enemies are. When we declared war on GGA and Valhalla, we used our nations and some rudimentary propaganda (<Bob_Sanders>did you Polar really too stupid to read). When kingzog noticed he was in Red senate range, we decided to run him and as soon as he accumulated votes he was sanctioned on every sphere but grey, brown, and yellow. Because we were sanctioned aggressively, kingzog posted that he only wanted a peaceful seat on Red if NPO would agree, but NPO sanctioned him immediately so he began sanctioning back. After sanctions were used as a weapon of war on us, kingzog began using sanctions only against NPO nations as the best weapon of war at his disposal. After VE and GGA discovered we were running a Green senator, they also flipped out; I don't know if Cylon ever sanctioned anyone on Green but from DJ's shrieks you'd think he sanctioned half the team. I could continue being long-winded but I imagine I'm not as interesting to everyone as I am to myself so I'll wrap this question up: Vox Populi claims a more grounded, balanced philosophy to power on Planet Bob, and that has a moral edge, but Vox Populi doesn't claim moral superiority, just a better moral alternative. We're at war and we'r enot going to roll over like GPA to look like martyrs and saints. We're dishing out the same blood and vinegar that we've been served by the tyrants that we're fighting. Look how we've all adapted and suffered over the past year, building our own mental and physical strongholds in longsuffering, and look how our enemies scream and whine when they are given the same treatment we've been given. It's laughable. 4) Some would say Vox has no right to try to restrict morality. What would you say to them? Morality is a means of control. Currently, it is wielded by the alliances and individuals within the power superstructure, but not as the burning double-edge sword that morality should be, only as a one-edged scimitar that never faces the wielders. Vox Populi, then, has as much right as anyone to present our own morality to the world, and to act according to it. We have signed the ZI Peace Pact because PZI/EZI are asinine and immoral. We do not sanction nations that we're not at war with or that don't pose a threat to us because that is immoral (I was once sanctioned at 2k NS as a "political rogue" what the devil is that?). We do not allow banned rerolls into our ranks (we had to ban Soviet Sindorin from our forums) because that is immoral. We don't use players' nations after they quit because that is immoral. If we are going to embody and fight based on an alternate morality, then we must educate our opposition and bystanders as to what that morality is, that is only just for them. 5) What would you say is the best and worst thing(s) about CN? The thing I most enjoy about CN is posting on the forum and annoying people that can't do anything about it. The worst thing about CN are all the ignorant, dumb, lazy masses of alliance members who have no idea what their alliances are about and don't care to know. 6) If there was an alliance that was part of the hegemony you respect, who would it be and why? I had a respect for OG until OG attacked Vox Populi because one of their nations was flying "GGA" and got attacked by us (imagine! someone wearing the wrong AA caught up in a war!) Reyne Mordigan has since repeatedly and loudly belied her own ignorance and complete lack of experience over and over and over again on the forums and in private. I still had a lot of respect for TOP even after I left on bad terms until they went to war against NpO in the same sort of no-CB (or year-old CB) war that the membership had been moaning about. Looking down the line of the rest, I'd have to say a pre-emptive "no". As part of the power superstructure, alliances are inherently doing things I can't respect every day. If I had to pick one, it would be NoV. They were part of the superstructure doing the superstructure's little dance, and when their former allies came knocking they didn't back down. 7) If you could discuss with your enemies in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them? I'd say to them what I've been saying for a while now: Drop the idiotic treaties, act like men, do your own business and dirty work. All of my enemies are my enemies because they are co-dependent prisoners. 8) If you were to be let go off the ZI lists tomorrow, where would you go? Why? If I were let off ZI lists tomorrow I would probably reroll and play chump in some alliance without registering on the CN forums again. Then EphriamGrey would run my IP and start hounding me and I'd re-roll to Schattenmann and start kicking in teeth. 9) What do you think will happen if/when Vox wins? Vox has won. As I've detailed in other threads and posts, every goal that we've set has been met except one: Purple senator. I do not count "dissolution or reoganization of the power superstructure" as a goal because while it is something we are actively working toward, it is not something we can affect ourselves, that is up to the chumps on the inside. If the dissolution we hope for occurs, I think that we will see the things we decry stop happening, to the effect of: much lower rate of ZI and above listings, a resurgence of real political discourse and freedom, war on even footing (or drastically less slanted at least), greater rates of playership (less people deleting). We don't want to see Moo hanging by a piano wire in the middle of a Francograd mob. We want to see Moo having to actually play this game. We dont' want to see Slayer immolated on the NoV front, we want to see real players able to put power-fat bullies in their place. 10) Do you have any other comments for the readers of this blog? Anything you’d like us to know about you specifically? I want everyone to know that no matter how much fun they think it is to roll/curbstomp stillborn kittens like GPA, or incompetents like GATO, or "undesirables" (irony) like NoV there is more fun to be had. There is more fun to be had in the uncertainty and boldness of a world that has assumed the Vox Populi mentality of true leadership, qualified leaders, sovereign alliances, and sovereign minds. Also, while Vox has been largely silent in public for the past month, we've been busy little bees. Look for some fresh material and announcements in the future. We're pulling together a few things, and one project that I'm particularly excited about because we think non-Vox readers will also enjoy it greatly. With this, I bid my host adieu. Everyone is welcome to comment.
  11. Even though Ghostlin had lived a good part of my life in the Aqua sphere, I didn't know much about the Mushroom Kingdom. As my plane departed Taurit and three layovers later, I found myself in the Republic of Jutland, wondering two things: could I get something to eat soon, and would the Princess in the castle I might visit? I was ushered by a press secretary to a car, with the windows slightly rolled down. I smelled the sweet, sticky wet growing of the psychotropic mushrooms that this confederacy of nations was famous for, and escorted into LJ Scott's office. I was asked what I would like to eat and drink, so I settled on a BLT with no mushrooms and some tea, and after exchanging pleasantries, LJ being a most gracious host, and finding out that the Princess was not, in fact here in this government building, I got to ask a few questions: 1) I know you’re ‘so new’ to CN, but tell me about a little above where you’ve been in CN. I started the game in June 2006 under a different alias whilst living at home. By december I'd lost interest and quit. Come April 2007 I'd rejoined as I moved into my own home. Signed up to the NPO on the first day. I was a member of the NPO for 9~ months. During my time I basically floated around all of Pacificas various departments. Top achievements whilst I was there I guess were becoming Chief of Recruitment, Councilor and being Beta Battalion Lt for 5~ months. I also made over 150 target lists for the ~ side in the UjW. At what you could call the "height" of my career in Pacifica I left rather suddenly. Joined TOP for around 2 weeks, which was pretty cool. But I was getting alot of friends from NPO query me and in the end I decided to go back. Went back for a day or two, only to again leave. About this time I got caught up in some of NpO's dirty laundry, and was going to sentenced to ZI from what I hear. But I was in peace mode. Anyways got everything cleared and managed to join TOP again. Stayed there for about a month, until Crymson asked me to leave so that he could save face and not boot me. This was what Random later mentioned as the "LJ Problem" or something along those lines. Basically my arrival in #nsa or any thread related to NPO ended up with an IO reporting me to Crymson. So yeah NPO had sentenced me to perma-zi for desecration of their flag and trolling etc. Moo even said the whole "May admin have mercy on your soul LJ, for we shall have none" thing. Think thats a first its been about an individual. I "quit" the game for the next few months as in I stopped visiting forums/IRC and just kept my nation alive barely in peace mode. Then I decided I wanted to come back. Spoke with the NPO, who basically said "Come out and see if you get mercy". Bought a wonder and came out of peace mode. After just over 2 weeks I was allowed to go free. Applied to Mushroom Kingdom as I'd thought they had alot of great people there. Wasn't wrong. Don't think I'd still be playing CN had it not been for their great community. Again I've floated about the various departments here until settling down as the Duke of Culture, which I've been for going on 6 months. Basically I deal with admissions, mentorship, trades, guides and other tidbits. In amongst that I've fought 12~ conflicts and countless wars. Been nuked a few times, nuked back plenty, and joyfully raided alot of tech. Yeah thats my 2 odd years in CN >_> 2) What do you think about the cloud of eagerness surrounding Aqua Unity, and how do you see the Mushroom Kingdom fitting in? Personally I don't see anything really united about Aqua. I perceive it as 3 blocs and a lot of in-betweeners. Of course with MK's history of being blacklisted for treaties, by "X" alliance to any of their alliance it was always going to amount in unity stopping at a certain level. On top of that it was never going to be true unity unless everyone was willing to commit fully which was never the case. With regards to Mushroom Kingdom, we're something of a set back in the unity due to our previous blacklisting. Hopefully that's changed and we can get on with making Aqua a more unified sphere than its ever been. I mean there are a lot of great alliances and people wanting to make a go of this so who knows where we'll be 6 months down the line. Then again I don't do foreign affairs 3) I may have the wrong person here, but I remember last winter reading something about your departure from Pacifica. Do you hold it against them, and looking back on those times, did you enjoy your time there? Does the body politic today and the last war color your feelings of NPO any? I don't really hold grudges. I mean it may seem that I do externally sometimes, but really I don't care enough about the rest of CN to maintain grudges. Tho I don't agree with the reasons I was sentenced to PZI for I just got on with it. Moo etc made their choice, and there was little I could do. As to my time in NPO. For the most part I had a blast. I met alot of great people during my time there. Sadly alot of those great people left, which is a factor in my leaving. The rest who remained behind I wouldn't count as friends. As soon as I left NPO they couldn't have been any quicker to slander my name and turn their backs on me. Really I left for alot of reasons, some of which I kept to my chest and still do, I may be a traitor, but that didn't mean I had to go log/screenshot dumping. With regards to the past war and my views of NPO because of it, nothings really changed. I/or any other IO/Councilor could go back and find logs of me asking for a war with MK. It's just part of the culture of an alliance. When you join there is going to be a stigma towards certain alliances, and if your there long enough you'll subscribe to it. That's probably the reasoning behind why I hated MK and ODN. However, I've been proven wrong in the case of MK, and they've turned out to be the best thing in CN for me. I just hope NPO have got it out of their system and we both move on past it. 4) Besides MK, who’s your favorite alliance and why? Well I'd say Complaints and Grievances Union (C&G) although it's a bloc. I was talking about this on IRC recently and I'm 99% sure that my proudest moment in CN was C&G's joining of the noCB war (war of the coaltion). For the most part the other members of C&G were following us in declaring on alliances over 10x their size. I mean how many times do TDSM8 have to prove they have the biggest balls in CN? Seriously tho everything about that time and C&G is awesome. Each of the members individually are great and they've all impressed me throught my time in CN. Especially =LOST= DoW on NpO during the UjW, which is possibly the greatest ever written thing in CN. I'm really excited to see where C&G goes in the future. People talk about colour unity or unity in blocs. Nothing has !@#$ on C&G. 5) What would you say is the best and worst thing(s) about CN? Best things are when the communtiy gets together and rallies behind something i.e. when sp1nyx (I've probably spelt that wrong but can't fully remember the spelling). I think the worst things about CN can be summarized into three things; Vox Populi, Orange Defense Network and Ephriam Grey. Make of that what you will. 6) There’s a lot of talk of MK being LUE 2.0. While I do not subscribe to this view necessarily, do you feel that some of the old LUE folks help create the current culture in MK or hurt it? It's laughable really. Especially if you heard Archons take on AirMe's radio show. How many ex-LUE do you think we have? Notably we have bros and Archon. The buck falls just a bit after that. More of us come from RIA, NPO, GPA and alot of other varying alliances. It's like me calling TORN or RoK \m/ 2.0 (Which I'm clearly not or never will wink.gif ) or calling ODN the greatest possible allies in CN. Theres just nothing to base it on. 7) If you could discuss with your enemies, former and current in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them? Grow up. 8) How do you feel about the truce that was signed between Ragnarok and MK? How do you feel about Ragnarok in general? It's great to see it having been worked out. Like I said before it was holding back aqua unity. That's not to say I expect to see Aqua Unity spring right back up. But this is certainly one step in the right direction. Feelings towards RoK as an alliance have never really changed regardless of the situation. They have a lot of great members, a lot coming from alliances I really liked, ASC and RoSG for example. My only problem was with Hoo, and vice-versa I guess his problem was with people like myself. With this tho, I don't see many problems for the future. 9) If MK became the top alliance in the game, what would you think would change about the current hegemony? We'd be down to around 400 players in CN. Just MK + C&G and FAN (still in peace mode). 10) Do you have any other comments for the readers of this blog? Anything you’d like us to know about you specifically? I hate you all. I thanked LJ for their time and then escorted myself out of the building. I had a few planes to catch. I invite all readers, to read and ask any burning questions. That's it for this issue of Ghostly Whispers.
  12. We are a magazine devoted to getting the personalities with in the groups of CN. It is worth noting that the opinions contained there-in are the opinions of the folks I interview and not necessarily the views of their alliances. Please do not troll on the comments of this blog. If you have comments for me or the person, you are free to leave them, but do not post insulting things about them. Each interview will be laid out like this: 1) Introduction from the reporter (I may poke jokes here, but I'm only kidding, so don't take me seriously.) 2) The interview (usually 10 questions long) 3) Invitation for comments, signups, etc. Everyone has the right to refuse to answer a question I ask, but I am also allowed to ask the question. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it!
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