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Hey, Planet Bob. Meet Iunctus.

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[23:56] <TehChad[-I-]> i would like to make a half-assed DoE

[23:57] <Sharduke[Ravyns]> You haven't declared existence yet? XD

Welp.. $%&@.


First Manifesto of Iunctus

So, here we are. Four short months (and some change) after our inception on November 17, 2008. 32 members later with over 600k NS, and making our Declaration of Existence. I've never really been a fan of alliances doing these, simply because most of the time they merge off into someone else or disband. I think we're going to be around for a while, though.

Iunctus - latin for 'united' - is a black team alliance. We clung together after the disbandment/destruction of this one alliance that we've more than moved on from. We are signatories of the Dark Vows and NOIR, the newest black team unity treaty. We also share an MDoAP with The Centurion Brotherhood, our former protector, and are also helping our new friends in the CTF Brotherhood figure out this world. So please, leave them be. Also, if you'd like to set up an embassy/etc feel free to stop by at iunctus.ipbfree.com. You can find our charter there, too. Oh, and special thanks to Sharduke from the Ravyns for all our pretty graphics.. including our flag. Check it out.


Anyway, that's all I've got for you right now. Sorry if you're disappointed. Stop by #iunctus on coldfront and say hay sometime.

- Signed for Iunctus, this Twenty-Nineth day of March in the year of our Lord, two-thousand nine -

Imperator - Teh Chad


Praetor - St Jimmy

Patronus Council:

Patron of Sustenance - sammykhalifa

Patron of Might - King Kaiser

Patron of Generosity - August Heimmsmeyer

Patron at Large - nomadd917

EDIT: Looking at all the other DoE's today/this week, I'm really glad I posted this.

/me facepalms

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Good to see this, Chad. Only took four months after when I thought you actually did this XD

Although it's pretty coincidental I finished your banner and seal at the same time you announced your existence. Strange how that works :P

Regardless, you guys are highly recommended. <3

o/ Iunctus

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[23:46] <TehChad[-I-]> Schrodinger

[23:46] <Schrodinger> He isn't allowed to stop anywhere (NOTE: this line has nothing to do with this snippet)

[23:46] <TehChad[-I-]> i heard you like hailing

[23:46] <Schrodinger> Oh dear

[23:46] <Schrodinger> What must I hail?

[23:46] <TehChad[-I-]> go find my thread on the OWF

[23:47] <Schrodinger> Find it?

[23:47] <TehChad[-I-]> declaring the existence of my 4 month old alliance

[23:47] <TehChad[-I-]> indeeeeed.

[23:47] <Koel[sLCB]> hey

[23:47] <TehChad[-I-]> the more the better

[23:47] <Koel[sLCB]> link me

[23:47] <TehChad[-I-]> then people will think im cool

EDIT: Oh, right:

hail -I-




Edited by E Schrodinger
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OHWAIT now I remember what I was going to do!

Brilliant political move. Wouldn't have changed a thing, myself.


[23:48] <Schrodinger> k

[23:48] <Schrodinger> Done

[23:49] <Schrodinger> dididoitrite?

[23:51] <TehChad[-I-]> :(

[23:51] <CptGodzilla> oh hay TehChad[-I-]

[23:51] <CptGodzilla> i know you

[23:51] * TehChad[-I-] ends life

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