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  1. Yeah FnKa and Ninjas were going 2 on 1 vs GOONs and we were alliances as defined by GOONS. The war was called Rougefest 2010 because it started with rouges and ended with small alliances. The difference between the situations 1. FnKa and Ninjas were the aggressors while these kids are defenders 2. FnKa and Ninjas were 40 nations maxed out on nukes all over 39k willing to lose everything, while these Mongols are much weaker. Bottom line is GOONs don't need help with this one. GOONs are the aggressors and I'm sure they'd call their allies in if they needed help, because thats what friends do. La
  2. [quote name='mattski133' timestamp='1313803443' post='2784778'] just die please. [/quote] What mattski said.
  3. Dear everyone who was at one point in tR, lets just ZI this kid trying to make a joke out of the resistance.
  4. [quote name='mattski133' timestamp='1306508742' post='2719011'] i think we can all agree on that. [/quote] Amen
  5. If this was really the resistance, Mattski, yankee, Ty, fury and I would be posting screen shots of why one side or the other is full of !@#$.
  6. [quote name='anamo7tram' timestamp='1306200788' post='2717196'] we have been [b]betrayed,left to die,thrown to be eaten[/b] BUT nay!!! we survived the challenges,regrouped ,rebuilt and we are here rising stronger then ever before. [/quote] My bad bro
  7. Sorry Jaym, but now you can forever hangout with matty!
  8. If you change fish to Furs I have wheat
  9. Bah all the wheat/furs are taken up
  10. He already started season 2! spread the word http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=100827
  11. WarDamnSka.359 of course
  12. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1302241217' post='2686571'] Well done both you, but especially LB. Can we get replays? [/quote] ill update in a bit. Also bama, do you play? 1v1 if so. War Eagle Baby.
  13. Im beating you by exactly 70 days. I hope you feel bad about yourself now.
  14. I... look forward to this. too bad its PvP
  15. [quote name='Logan' timestamp='1299713484' post='2658056'] Yeah, I'll notify him that he should set a time for you two to play. He hasn't been on as much the past week or so. [/quote] TBW's internet is out, we'll reschedule I suppose.
  16. You guys should organize a date to play so we can all watch brendan =)
  17. [quote name='Lord Brendan' timestamp='1298441667' post='2642583'] Are we supposed to inform you when we're playing our games or is just send the replays after like ro16? [/quote] Inform him so we can cast it!
  18. [quote name='Detlev' timestamp='1298346874' post='2641337'] GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SKAP Q !!!!!!!!!! [/quote] Thanks whoever you are! And I am half Japanese, I have a little asian decent in me too, blade.
  19. have to say Matt. The Brannigan's log made me laugh.
  20. People have no faith in me apparently. I aim to disappoint you.
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