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  1. [quote name='Vladimir Nikanor' timestamp='1307322956' post='2724703'] Well this is certainly....interesting. It seems as though The Resistance has popped up quite a bit recently. Though not in a good way. Perhaps this will be better? Seems more organized. [/quote] hopefully it would be better. i told a few old members to keep an eye over the new government .
  2. I officially left The Resistance. also sent this as a goodbye letter to my old members; Dear member of The Resistance. The Resistance has been taken control of by another alliance that merged into us. Due to the fact that this government kicked me out of my position, I will be leaving. but am not sad ,i achieved my goal of getting The Resistance back on track and this is more then enough for me. I ask of you to take care of this dear alliance and to always keep my in your hearts. Signed,Former member and spokesman of The Resistance! -This is Anamu7tram,if your rea
  3. [quote name='Malakai' timestamp='1307313250' post='2724575'] Just to clarify, the only tR member opposed to the merger was Amanu, who was doing nothing with the alliance and wanted it to simply die as he fed upon the protection of the formerly glorious alliance tR. Unfortunately, we could not work out an agreement with him, and he decided it would be more productive to quit the alliance than work with us. I hope this clears things up. [/quote] that's because NOBODY was asked about the merger! NOT EVEN A SINGLE MEMBER OF tR!!!
  4. not a member of The Resistance was informed by this act. we wont fight this, as tR will be raided if we do and as much as i hate this am going to suck it up and accept it for tR sake. did i fail? i consider myself successful as i was the one to get tR running up again by making myself an idiot and getting tR into spotlight, for me this is them merging INTO tR and tacking control. my job here is done, I will be leaving this dear alliance as i was back stabbed by The Internationales and my dignity doesn't allow me to stay. goodbye to all and good luck. -The forgotten soldier.
  5. [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1307312331' post='2724566'] It would be intresting to know if any other members of tR knew about this, if they did and agreed to it, that's fine. [/quote] no body talked to us.
  6. I would have supported this merger without a doubt if it wasn't for the fact that am the last person to know. i will be contacting my old members and we might not recognize this government.
  7. [quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1306895035' post='2721719'] You really are oblivious, aren't you? [/quote] i knew he was saying am going to fail but i respect the fact that he at least doesn't wanna convince me that i will.(if i do) BTW Is your avatar that Nazi officer from inglorious !@#$%^&*?
  8. [quote name='Mr Johnson' timestamp='1306884545' post='2721587'] I don't really see the point in why people are still arguing about this. :/ We know he is going to fail, so just let him fail. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't. Good luck or w/e. Your going to need it. [/quote] Thanks! BTW your retarded Robert avatar is cool
  9. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1306883935' post='2721585'] No, they didn't. I know they didn't, because PeachesIII came to ODN and said that no one else was active, the forums were completely dead, and that he would be informing the people on the AA that the alliance was disbanding. [/quote] YES! they did when i made this new account and joined tR and told them we need elections to pick a new leader(you could ask them) i got the answer of ''we already picked one'' i will PM who is it to you if you want. BTW i wont claim that tR was active.
  10. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1306883662' post='2721577'] The 10 members who were inactive and didn't care enough to change their AAs for months after tR fell apart, but were unable or didn't care enough to put together any form of government after Delector and Peaches (the last two gov members) left? [/quote] Yes! they may not be the best or most active members but for god sake They stayed and they had a leader which is considered a government...
  11. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1306882829' post='2721571'] As somebody who has done exactly that, allow me to state that, you're, quote "doing it wrong". You really need to be in another alliance so you can learn how alliance leadership is done, maybe get a low level gov position. Alternatively ask polar for help, they seem to have an infinite tolerance for this sort of thing. [/quote] I might not have experience as Alliance leader or Top official but i have experiences with tR and thats enough. If The Resistance kicked me out by majority vote ill carry your advice and join polar.
  12. [quote name='Yankees Empire' timestamp='1306882900' post='2721573'] I'll put this simply, so you might be able to understand: The former members of tR enjoyed our time there. The alliance ran its course and fell apart. We left. tR quietly died. Then, months later, you come, and dig up the corpse and prop it up and are trying to tell us it's a living, breathing alliance. Now you look like a moron. I don't care if you look like a moron, but you're sullying the name of The Resistance, an alliance that I helped build, and took pride in. That, I do care about. Now go join an alliance that suits
  13. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1306876530' post='2721525'] Because, to be perfectly frank, you do not conduct yourself as a representative of an alliance should. [/quote] well maybe you guys should advice a fellow member whos trying his best to succeed in getting his beloved alliance running up again instead of insulting his determination? Ashoka! LOL that was funny, BUT i knew you guys would do this so added this part ''dont get me wrong your criticism is child play for me'' BTW so far tR has been doing better then i expected...
  14. I really cant understand why are you guys treating me this way? dont get me wrong your criticism is child play for me but the fact that old tR members are bad mouthing a guy whos trying to get tR running up again just shocks me. and for all of you, ALL current tR members support me in getting tR running up again! -The Forgotten soldier
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